What makeup is fashionable in the spring 2012

What makeup is fashionable in the spring 2012
In the spring leading cosmetic brands together offer an image fresh, bright, full of unexpected colors and original solutions. "Smokey ayz" boldly combined with delicate peach shades of lips, pistachio-green nails shade with pearly overflows of powder, and doll-pink lipstick is complemented by no less pink shadows for the eyelids. "Nothing is too" – this is the motto of the spring make-up 2012 year.

You will need
  • – a set of colored shadows;
  • – liquid dark shadows;
  • – powder with particles of mother-of-pearl;
  • – black and colored mascara;
  • – nail polishes;
  • – rouge.
Choosing shades for the spring make-up, обратите внимание на светлые и чистые тона. Нежно-персиковый, фисташковый, мятно-зеленый, розовый, коралловый, серебристый – эти цвета придадут лицу свежесть, а макияжу – актуальность.

The basis of good make-up – Perfectly smooth, radiant skin. In the spring 2012 year in fashion includes gentle mother-of-pearl flicker. Pick up a powder with a pearl pigment or add a little pearl hylaiter in his usual foundation. The face should gently glow – leave bright glitters for the next winter.

Making out your eyes, stop at one of the fashion trends. For a fresh spring image, satin shades of green or blue tones will work. Choose any suitable shades – from pistachio to mossy green and from light turquoise to calm blue. Such shadows can be supplemented with colored mascara or liner in tone.

A very original solution – the shadows of unusual coral, rusty orange or doll-pink shades. To prevent eyes from tearing, draw a thin line in the upper eyelid with a chocolate or light brown pencil. Do not forget make an eyebrow – эпатажный макияж требует безупречных линий. Дополните его помадой или блеском для губ в тон теням и румянами соответствующего оттенка.

If you are attracted to a more dramatic image, stop for a luxurious smoky eye makeup. In this season, it becomes wet – the entire mobile eyelid is covered with a rich black and gray color. To achieve this effect, use liquid shadows. Supplement them with carbon black ink, curling eyelashes and lipstick pastel shade.

The real find of the coming spring is the lilac-lilac gamma. To create an image of "Fairies" lilacs"Cover the eyelid with gently purple shadows, place a pearly white highlight under the eyebrow, and darken the violet with the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid. For the lips, a moist lilac shine will do.

Collecting a spring cosmetic bag, do not forget about nail polish. Choose berry, lilac light blue, candy pink, mint and orange shades. They can be safely combined with make-up, made in very different colors. Supplement the purple make-up with a light green translucent manicure, and the vamp image with damp black eyes – a soft pink varnish. Do not take spring makeup too seriously – experiment, try on and combine a variety of shades.

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