What load is considered oversized

What load is considered oversized
"Oversized cargo" – this phrase is similar to the linguistic paradox, because the word "cargo" logically assumes the presence of any dimensions. However, in fact, this is not too adequate translation of the English term "oversize cargo", that is, this load, on the contrary, is considered large-sized. It is this word that he is designated in the regulatory documents. The oversized cargo parameters exceed the permissible standards of the carrier, therefore the object is not suitable for moving in standard vehicles. The very term "oversized" is slang for professionals in the field of accommodation and transportation of heavy objects. This type of cargo can be attributed to the powerful industrial equipment used in the most important and significant design projects.

Oversized parameters

Oversized cargo has the following parameters. Its height is equal to or exceeds 4 meters, and the height of the platform that it transports is also included in this number. The length of the oversized cargo varies from 16 to 20 meters, and the width exceeds 2,5 meters. Object parameters can be even higher than specified. Considering such impressive dimensions, a number of special requirements are required for transportation of such cargoes, which are mandatory for execution.

Transportation Features

First, the transport company, which decided to handle the transportation of large-sized objects, it is necessary to obtain a special permit from RosAvtodor, specify information about the nature of the object and the parameters of the car, and also agree on the route of the cargo. Secondly, the object should be fixed in such a way that it does not obstruct the view of the drivers, does not impede the movement of the vehicle and could not overturn during transportation. In addition, the speed should not exceed 60 km / h. Responsibility for compliance with these instructions is the responsibility of the truck driver. Violation of the above rules is punishable by an impressive fine.

In some cases, stipulated by the rules, cargo escort is required by a car with a special signal, and to support too large objects a DPS vehicle is required.

To designate an oversized cargo a special sign is used: a shield made of retroreflective material, diagonally drawn by wide red and white stripes. To indicate a load exceeding the length in 20 m, another sign is used. It is a yellow rectangle in a red frame. It is attached in such a way that the sign is visible to all road users. This precaution will help in the dark to avoid accidents.

Dangerous goods, as well as very heavy and large carry at night, often blocking traffic to motor vehicles.

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