What lipstick suits brunettes

What lipstick suits brunettes
Bright beauty of brunettes can be emphasized by properly selected cosmetics. Choose suitable shadows, foundation, blush and, of course, lipstick. It can be bright, bright or dramatically dark – very many shades go to brunettes.

Choosing lipstick color, be guided not only by a shade of hair. It is worth bearing in mind the tone of the skin, eyes, as well as your favorite range of clothes. A common color-type is also important – cold or warm, contrasting or muffled.

If your skin is light, transparent, contrasting with dark hair, you will get lipsticks of medium saturation, as well as bright bright tones. Usually this appearance is characteristic for brunettes cold type. Look closely at lipsticks with a lilac or bluish podton – crimson, lilac, cold pink and red. Maintain the chosen lipstick blush of the appropriate tone – they will refresh the face and add color to it.

Ярким брюнеткам южного типа с загорелой кожей и темно-каштановыми волосами идут теплые тона терракоты, абрикоса, молочного шоколада, а также алый и коралловый оттенки. Очень хорошо смотрятся помады с мелкими золотистыми блестками – они придают губам объем и красивый блеск.

Girls with olive skin and deep dark eyes are adorable with a lipstick of a beige-plum scale. It is suitable for everyday make-up, and for the evening it is better to choose darker shades of cranberries, raisins or bitter chocolate.

Do you prefer natural colors? Brunettes should always choose lipstick at least a tone darker than their own lip color. Do not use very pale pastel shades – they will make the skin dull and the face – tired. Choosing natural tones, do not forget to emphasize the eyes – this will make make-up complete.

The same color may look different – it all depends on the method of applying lipstick. If you want to achieve a more gentle, blurry make-up, apply it with your fingertips. A brighter make-up will ensure application by brush. And applying lipstick with a stick and circling the lip contour with a pencil of the same color, you will get a very rich make-up, ideally suited for the evening.

Evaluate not only the color of lipstick, but also its texture. Matt and semi-matt tones always look darker – they are suitable for plump lips, slightly reducing them. Girls with thinner lips will go wet lipstick-balms – they nourish the delicate skin and give it a gentle, steady shade.

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