What kind of mascara to buy for small and rare eyelashes

What kind of mascara to buy for small and rare eyelashes
Mascara is one of the most popular and indispensable cosmetic products. Thanks to a properly selected carcass, even the owners of rare and short eyelashes can make their eyes expressive and vivid.

What is mascara?

Mascara differs from each other in decorative effect. For example, mascara can be lengthening, for volume, with a twisting effect and evenly staining. In composition, mascara is curative, water-soluble, water-resistant and for sensitive eyes. Also the ink differs colors and shades.

The bulk mascara has a slightly curled brush with thick bristles. To separate the colored eyelashes, the brush is made in the form of micro-dispersion. Usually such mascara is dense and made on wax basis. The agent for volume needs to be painted with a thick layer to make the eyelashes lush.

Extension mascara contains a microprotein, which adds length to the eyelashes. In consistence, it is rather liquid, and the brush has a rare bristle, which ensures a uniform distribution of the product along the entire length of the eyelashes.

The twisting mascara has a concave brush with short bristles. It must contain keratin and resins. Mascara for uniform dyeing has a brush with bristles of different length.

How to choose mascara by the type of eyelashes?

For short and thin eyelashes, lengthening mascara is the best, it gives volume and twists the eyelashes. The brush of such a product must be thin and with a rare bristle. It is desirable if the composition includes various resins. Also for short eyelashes suitable special two-phase ink: white polymer base lengthens eyelashes, and the color coating colors them.

Twirling mascara is also suitable for short eyelashes. It covers the eyelashes with a thick layer, which after drying shrinks and makes the eyelashes slightly curved.

For thin and rare eyelashes suitable mascara for volume. The brush should be in the form of a spiral with rare bristles. If the eyelashes are short and thick, then an extension mascara with a thick brush will do. For long but rare eyelashes, it is best to use a means for volume. It will give the lashes splendor.

When choosing a carcass, you need to pay attention to its composition. For example, if the composition includes lanolin, then it prevents the fragility and dryness of the eyelashes. Keratin helps to strengthen the eyelashes. Panthenol increases the thickness of the eyelashes. Various vitamins provide eyelash nutrition and hydration. Melanin protects lashes from external factors. Protein and castor oil contribute to the growth of eyelashes.

When choosing mascara, it must be tested. We need to lightly brush along the back of the palm. A good product should lie smoothly on the skin, leaving no lumps. Also, mascara should have a pleasant or neutral smell.

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