What kind of cream to use in the solarium?

What kind of cream to use in the solarium?
A beautiful even tan is always in vogue, but getting it is not so easy! It is necessary to observe a number of rules, so that the skin does not become dry and premature wrinkles do not appear. The most careful approach is to choose a cream for the solarium.

You will need
  • Cream for the tanning salon for the body, cream for the tanning salon for the face, moisturizing lip balm with sun protection.
Although the ultraviolet rays in the solarium and not as harmful as the sun's rays, nevertheless, protective means are needed, since their role is to moisturize the skin. If you do not use them, the skin will become very dry and will wrinkle too soon. The first thing you need to understand for yourself is that the use of a cream for a solarium is necessary and do without it can not in any case, otherwise such a tan will not be in favor of beauty, but even to the detriment.

Choose a cream for the tanning bed, suitable for your type and color of skin. For example, people with a light and sensitive, allergen-prone skin does not fit a cream for swarthy and oily. Antioxidants and natural ingredients may be present. For a swarthy skin, a cream with bronzers is perfect. Their use will contribute to the fact that the tan quickly becomes saturated and bright.

Keep in mind that one cream is not enough. The delicate skin of the face requires special care, so it is necessary to purchase a separate remedy for it. Perhaps you need a special cream for the neck and decollete skin, if your skin is too sensitive in these places. Lips should be protected by applying special lip balms with UV filters.

Most likely, you will need to buy first one means for tanning in a solarium, and then one more, another. The thing is that in the first 2-3 session, the skin needs to be prepared, using stronger protection. Then a small tan appears, so another type of protection is required.

Remember that cosmetics for a tanning salon should not contain bleaching agents, alcohol, mineral oils, irritating components and UV filters and to interact with acrylic panes of the solarium. It is also necessary that the cream for the solarium attracts ultraviolet rays, stimulates the production of melanin, provides a more even and quick tan, contains only natural ingredients, including antioxidants, vitamins, plant extracts and complexes that accelerate the tanning process, give a deep chocolate-gold tinge to the skin and made her velvety and supple.

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