What is women's beauty in terms of science

What is women's beauty in terms of science
Beauty women with scientific points view – this is the symmetry of the body, the grooming of the appearance and charming behavior. Beauty must radiate from the woman not only from the outside, but also from the inside. After all, a woman with attractive external data, a brilliant mind and a good mood is a real find for a man.

The first place in drawing up the ideal of female beauty is the chest. Attractive is a large breast with a beautiful shape. Men often pay attention to the size female breasts, думая о возможности кормления потомства. Однако ученые установили, что breast size does not affect the amount of milk of the nursing mother.

The second place is occupied by wide and steep hips. Such hips are a sign of healthy offspring, because the process of the birth of a child depends mainly on the structure of the pelvis and hips.

Also female beauty with scientific points view can not exist without a beautiful waist. After all, Men attracts exactly the thin and flexible waist, which makes a woman more feminine. Currently, to give the waist a beautiful shape, do surgery to remove the lower ribs. But this is not necessary, it is enough to perform small physical exertion, and the waistline will look perfect.

С points view science, the normal physique of a healthy and beautiful woman implies a developed fatty layer. Subcutaneous food reserves are located in the lower abdomen and in the area around the pelvis. Thanks to the fat layer on the abdomen, a favorable fetal bearing is guaranteed woman. At the same time, this subcutaneous layer gives the woman a softness and elegance. Of course, this does not mean that you should not play sports for the sake of flat tummy.

Slender and long legs always attracted the attention of men. An important factor in making ideally beautiful legs is the proportion between the shin and thigh. The most attractive are the legs, in which the ratio of the hip and shin is the same. Of course, one can not imagine female legs without heels, they beautifully raise their legs and make them even more seductive.

As with the scientific points view, so with the male female beauty can not exist without lush and thick hair. Hair length also plays a huge role in the attractiveness of women. Basically men prefer Women with long and elegant hair, because a thick head of hair is a sign of health.

You can not imagine a beautiful woman without properly planted and expressive eyes. Beautiful eyes can drive any man crazy, so they are the main weapon of female beauty.

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