What is useful for cryomassage of the face

What is useful for cryomassage of the face
In modern cosmetology there are quite a lot of tools and techniques that can cope with even the most serious skin imperfections. The so-called cryomassage is one of the most effective procedures.

Cryomassage is a kind of cryotherapy, implying a complex combination of cold impact on body tissues in combination with massage techniques. There are two main types of cryomassage: exposure with moderately low temperatures and exposure with extremely low temperatures. The maximum temperature threshold in this case can reach -120оС. Anyway, cryotherapy effectively solves many skin problems and ailments. The procedure itself is quite pleasant, it passes quickly, and the effect can be noticed almost immediately.

What "heals" cryomassage? The procedure of cryomassage effectively relieves the patient's skin from tumors, noticeable pigment spots, inflammation in acne of oily facial skin, wrinkles. Also, the technique can effectively combat the reduction of skin elasticity. Often this massage is used in rehabilitation, recovery period after plastic surgery. At the same time, cryomassage is excellent for hair loss, headache, itchiness of the scalp and other "troubles".

Safety procedures. Liquid nitrogen, which is used in the basis of face cryomassage, is absolutely safe for the skin and human health in general. It does not cause colds, does not provoke burns, can not explode, etc. Under the influence of liquid nitrogen, the vessels narrow, the nervous excitability of the cells decreases, and the blood flow decreases. The procedure for such a massage is painless and safe. Perhaps only a slight tingling and cold, which quickly disappear at the end of the procedure in the office of the cosmetologist.

The method of face cryomassage is one of the most effective at the present stage of development of cosmetology. This massage quickly and painlessly eliminates all sorts of skin problems, without requiring serious financial investment in the treatment. Acne, scars, alopecia, wrinkles, pigment spots and much more – cryomassage will help everyone. Before the procedure, it is advisable to consult with a specialist regarding the available contraindications.

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