What is the use of castor or burdock oil for hair

What is the use of castor or burdock oil for hair
Vegetable oils have many useful properties. They can significantly improve the appearance of the hair, make them more healthy and accelerate their growth through intense nourishment of the scalp.

Castor oil in hair care

Castor oil is produced from the products of castor oil, which grows in East Africa. In the people it is sometimes called "castor oil". This oil moisturizes the hair well, easily solving such problems as excessive dryness and fragility of the ends of the strands. This product perfectly nourishes the curls, giving them shine and elasticity. Castor oil also has a beneficial effect on the scalp, eliminating dandruff and strengthening hair follicles.

This tool can be used in its pure form, without mixing anything. Castor oil must be heated in a water bath to a temperature of 38-40 ° C. Then the agent should be carefully rubbed into the scalp and spread over the entire length of the hair. Next, the head should be covered with a plastic wrap and wrapped in a towel. After an hour, the oil is washed off with a normal shampoo until the greasy film is completely removed. This mask can be done every two weeks to prevent hair loss, the appearance of split ends and the treatment of dry scalp.

Castor oil is also used to improve the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. This agent is applied daily to eyebrows and eyelashes with the help of a washed brush from the old carcass and washed off in half an hour. Mask of a mixture of castor oil and vodka in the proportion of 2: 1 strengthens the hair and increases their volume. This remedy must be rubbed into the scalp and hair roots twice a week.

Burdock oil in hair care

Burdock oil is obtained from burdock roots. You can prepare it yourself. To do this, 75 g burdock root must be crushed and pour 200 ml of sunflower oil. The mixture should be infused for a day in a warm place. Then it is cooked on low heat 15 minutes, often stirring. The resulting oil must be passed through a sieve to get rid of the remains of burdock roots.

Burdock oil improves capillary blood circulation in the scalp, nourishes the roots of hair and strengthens their structure. This remedy is usually applied to the head for 1-2 hours before washing and cover the hair with a plastic wrap. Like castor oil, burdock oil helps to accelerate hair growth, fights dryness of the scalp and dandruff, prevents baldness.

Especially effective is a mask of burdock oil and red pepper. In 50 ml of oil it is necessary to pour a quarter of a teaspoon of red pepper. The resulting mixture should be heated in a water bath and thoroughly rubbed into the scalp. Next, the hair is covered with polyethylene and a towel. After 20 minutes, the mask is washed off with a normal shampoo.

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