What is the use of castor oil

What is the use of castor oil
Castor oil for centuries is famous throughout the world for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This is one of the most widely used ingredients in various cosmetics and even medicines. The benefits of oil for skin, hair and in general for health are incredibly multitude.

Castor oil when applied to the skin, penetrates deep inside and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This, in turn, helps to soften, moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles, as well as fine lines on the face. In addition, oil can be used to get rid of small wrinkles around the eyes. For best results, apply it every day, after washing or before going to bed.

People suffering from back pain caused by sciatica nerve inflammation will be helped by compresses made of castor oil. Pour it on a clean cloth and apply on painful back patches. Then cover with a towel for 20 minutes. The procedure should be repeated every 2 hours.

Castor oil is taken as a laxative, it is effective in treating constipation. To solve this problem, you should take a teaspoon of oil in the morning. If desired, you can drink orange juice. The course of treatment – no more than 3 days.

If you dream of long eyelashes – castor oil will help them lengthen. Apply oil to eyelashes every day before going to bed, then rinse in the morning. In addition to lengthening, it leads to a thickening of the eyelashes. After about a month you will notice the results. For convenience, use a brush (for example, from mascara) to apply oil.

Castor oil is one of the best agents that improves hair growth. To increase the density of hair, it is often advised to apply directly to the scalp and leave for the night, pre-covering the hair with a shower cap. Then rinse thoroughly the next day. The oil stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the hair follicles, which leads to rapid hair growth. In addition, it contains essential omega-6 fatty acids, which are responsible for the health of the hair.

In order to get rid of warts, you can also use castor oil. To do this, rub the oil in a circular motion, clockwise, 2 times a day for 15 minutes for each wart.

Castor oil is an effective tool in the treatment of eczema, frostbite, burns, superficial wounds and dry skin. Experts believe that it also helps to get rid of acne, remove pigmentation spots and remove skin irritation. For these cases, it is recommended to apply castor oil to the affected areas of the skin, then to remove it in the morning with the means for washing and warm water.

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