What is the technique of losing weight Malysheva

What is the technique of losing weight Malysheva
People who all their life struggling with excess weight, perfectly understand that the express diet is not a way out. Kilograms go away quickly, but they also return swiftly. Therefore, some long-term method is needed that will help get rid of the annoying "cargo", for example, the method of Elena Malysheva.

Meals according to Malysheva's method suggest that the woman's body should be saturated with 1200 calories, and men – 1500. It is important to eat right and at the right time. The body will eventually get used to the new regimen, weight loss will begin, but not immediately, as many dream, but through 1,5-2 months. But the effect will last a long time. If a person chooses such a nutrition system for life, it will not only get the desired harmony, but also get rid of a number of diseases.

In the diet according to Malysheva's method, there is a certain list of products that can be consumed. So, Elena recommends minimizing the consumption of fatty foods. And it does not matter, vegetable or animal origin, these fats. Be sure to reduce salt intake. It is desirable to completely remove it from the diet, if this is not possible, then salt the food you need after cooking, and not in the process. So you need less salt.

Another important rule of Malysheva's method is not to starve. There is a misconception that hunger helps you lose weight faster. Experts say the opposite. The human body, which is constantly experiencing hunger, will be reluctant to give extra pounds, and every piece of food to save in reserve. Elena also urges to eat often, but in small portions. This approach activates metabolic processes and does not allow hunger to be experienced. Optimum is considered 5 meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus an 2 snack. There is no specific menu, you can create it yourself. The main thing is not to exceed the daily calorie rate.

Now you need to tell about the time of meals. Breakfast is recommended in 8-9 hours. It can be oatmeal or some vegetable salad, in general, what to taste the most slimming. In 10-11 hours you can arrange a snack. For example, a medium-sized green apple or cottage cheese casserole without the addition of sugar. You can drink unsweetened tea. In 12-13 hours will be lunch. It should consist of protein foods: meat, fish, eggs. At 16-17 hours, the afternoon snack will be fruit, preferably citrus fruit. Last meal not later than 19 hours. It is recommended to eat something light: stewed or fresh vegetables, kefir with a minimum percentage of fat, boiled eggs, provided that they did not enter the lunch menu. If you are hungry before going to bed, you can drink kefir, not more than 250 grams.

Those who lose weight by the methods of Malysheva, do not forget about how much water you need to drink. Elena advises to use at least 2,5 liters of liquid per day. At the same time for 30 minutes before eating you need to drink a glass of water.

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