What is the ratio of weight and height should be normal

What is the ratio of weight and height should be normal
There are many different ways to calculate flawless weight. But none of them can be considered absolutely accurate. After all, growth is not the only indicator for calculating weight.

You will need
  • Meter, scales.
Previously, the most famous method for determining the weight of a person was considered to be the formula: growth minus 100. This method did not take into account the sex, age, body structure. Therefore now, if it is a question of people up to 30 years, it is accepted to "decrease minus one hundred" by 10% or to subtract from the growth of 110.

For those for whom 50, you need to subtract 105-107. Sometimes this formula is changed depending on the growth: if the person is below 165 cm, subtract 100, from 165 to 175 cm – 105, above 175 cm – 110. Also, the addition type is also taken into account. For the normal type, the result remains unchanged, for the narrow-bone type – 10% is subtracted from the result obtained, 10% is added for the broad-bone type.

Another popular method was proposed in the 19 century by Adolf Quetelet. It consists in the following: the weight in kilograms should be divided by the height, erected in a square. If the figure obtained is between 18 and 25, then the body weight can be considered good.

Some scientists believe that it is necessary to proceed not from growth and weight, but from the percentage of fat in the body. To do this, determine the vertical fold of fat on the abdomen in 2,5 cm from the navel. If the thickness of the fold is up to 2,5 cm, then the fatty deposits within the limits of the norm, above 2,5 cm – surplus. And if the thickness of the fold is 1-2 cm, the weight is normal, no matter what it is. One of the easiest ways to determine the allowable completeness is to measure the waist circumference. For women, it should be no more than 80 cm, for men – less than 95 cm.

It is also necessary to monitor the attitude of the waist and hips. If this ratio is less than 0,8 for women and no more than 0,9 for men, then the weight is considered normal.

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