What is the lipofilling of the lips, face, chest and other areas

What is the lipofilling of the lips, face, chest and other areas
With age, wilting and aging of the skin occurs, wrinkles, cavities, creases, and sagging of the skin are formed. But the modern operation lipofilling allows you to fight with age-related changes and regain youth.

What is lipofilling

Lipofilling is a modern operation, with which you can safely restore the elasticity of the skin, smooth out the wrinkles of the face, and also successfully correct some body defects. More and more people are turning to the lipofilling procedure to not only smooth out the age-related changes, but also to improve the appearance after losing weight or to increase some parts of the body.

The operation is based on the procedure for transplanting the patient's fat cells from one area to another. In other words, there is a transplantation of excessive subcutaneous fat from one zone to another part of the body, which requires correction. As a result, the skin is smoothed and becomes elastic.

Types of lipofilling

Cosmetic surgery can affect any part of the body, depending on the area of ??adjustment.

Facial features:

  • smoothing of nasolabial folds;
  • smoothing of eyelids, eye contour lines, "crow's feet", lacrimal furrows;
  • giving clear shapes to the face, changing the appearance of the cheekbones, chin and cheeks;
  • changing the size, volume and contour of the lips;
  • change in the volume of facial features;
  • reduction of traces of postoperative scars;
  • correction of asymmetry of the face shape.

Body parts:

  • change in the shape and volume of the breast;
  • correction of unevenness and curvature of the legs;
  • skin tightening of hands;
  • change the shape and volume of the buttocks.

Such cosmetic surgery can be carried out in many cities: Ufa, St. Petersburg, Moscow and others. The price varies depending on the preliminary examination, the volume of the adjustment zones, the need for postoperative rehabilitation.


In comparison with other cosmetic operations aimed at changing the face and body, lipofilling has several advantages:

  • for transplantation uses own fat, which does not cause rejection, because its own cells the immune system does not perceive as foreign and does not seek to get rid of them;
  • a low degree of injury to the body as a result of surgery;
  • Transplanted fat quickly takes root in a new place;
  • the result of the procedure is very long, the effect has a practically lifelong result;
  • the body is not affected by anesthesia and anesthesia;
  • several transplants of adipose tissue can be made in one operation;
  • the result of the procedure is noticeable almost immediately;
  • the patient practically does not experience painful sensations.


Despite all the positive aspects of lipofilling, there are still cases when this operation is highly advised:

  • with disease of blood vessels;
  • those who have problems with blood coagulability;
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • with catarrhal diseases;
  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Do not recommend persons up to 18 years and after 70;
  • at a diabetes.

Negative result after lipofilling

You can not exclude the human factor, the individual characteristics of the patient's body, trauma during the operation, as a result of which:

  • asymmetry of features of the face and body, as a result of an incorrectly calculated volume of introduced or withdrawn adipose tissue;
  • bruises, pain;
  • deterioration of well-being;
  • possible inflammations, in extreme cases, abscesses due to infection.

The essence of the operation

The surgeon determines the level of patient's health, the volume of adipose tissue, and the areas of correction of the face and body according to medical analyzes. In preparation for the operation, a set of procedures and conditions for the best post-operative rehabilitation is being developed.

Because of anxiety and suspiciousness, an overly impressionable patient may be offered to administer anesthesia or local anesthesia. Determine the donor zone rich in fat tissue. Usually it is the zones of the abdomen, thighs and legs. From this place a special syringe draws out fat. Then, in a special way, the adipose tissue is purified from anesthesia, made homogeneous, and only then the recipient areas are filled. So the chest or buttock after the operation rises, acquires an elastic and voluminous appearance. To hide the traces of puncture, small seams can be applied.

Rehabilitation takes a week, during which the edema is coming down, the skin in the correction zone is smoothed out, becomes elastic. Over the next 2-3 weeks, the fatty tissue becomes capillary, fully settling in a new place.

Correction of the face

Depending on the desire of the patient or the doctor's recommendations, cosmetic clinics offer an adjustment:

  • The lower and upper eyelids. The procedure of eyelid correction is very in demand, many remove wrinkles, lacerations, dark circles around the eyes. After the operation, the eyes retain edema within 1-2 weeks. The results of the operation have a long rejuvenation effect, which persists for several years.
  • Chin. One of the main correction zones for the aging of the face. The procedures are aimed at tightening the skin.
  • Neck. Correction of the face is carried out together with the neck lift.
  • Cheeks and cheekbones. During the operation, the cheekbones are enlarged or the cheek skin is more elastic.
  • Nasolabial folds. Lipoplasty makes it possible to smooth the middle and reduce deep folds.
  • Lips. Very "young" operation. Women who want to get plump, appetizing, succulent lips go for such a procedure. However, this area of ??the face is very unpredictable in terms of the duration of the effect. During the time, one lip can completely or partially lose the volume obtained. Therefore, to predict the outcome lipoplasty lips is problematic. The result of the procedure is no more than 3 years.

Correction of various areas of the body

Lipoplasty has long established itself as a fast, safe, reliable tool for correcting and modeling a figure. Most often, the following is subject to change:

  • Arms. Smooth wrinkles, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, the volume of brushes is restored.
  • Chest. The volume of the breast gland increases by 0,5-1 size. The advantage of lipofilling against the background of silicone implants is undeniable. Implants also increase the volume of the breast, but it does not look natural, artificial. This is deprived of lipofilling – the breast gland looks natural, it is possible to eliminate asymmetry, smooth various post-operative scars in the chest, restore shape and volume after other cosmetic operations.
  • Legs. Model the shape of the knee, shin, volume of fat deposits. The lower leg after the procedure looks taut and athletic.

The common features of correction become noticeable immediately after the operation, but this is not the final result. Because of edema, it is not easy to evaluate the result of the procedure, in addition, over time, the body will get rid of part of the transplanted fat. Therefore, to anticipate the percentage of stored fat is extremely difficult. Six months later, when the blood flow is completely restored and all tissues become accustomed, the doctors will make additional injections if necessary.

General recommendations after surgery

Since the operation lasts no more than 1,5 hours, then it is almost immediately possible to go home after its expiration. But in case of deep and volume correction, the length of stay in the hospital can increase. At the time of rehabilitation, doctors advise to refrain from active physical activity, a long stay in the sun. It is necessary to exclude the adoption of hot baths, it is not advisable to go to baths or saunas. More details about the procedure, rehabilitation and restrictions should be asked directly from your doctor.

The appearance of a person is affected by many factors, such as an unfavorable environment, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and smoking abuse, constant stress, lack of sleep. If you do not change your lifestyle, the effect of cosmetic surgery will be short-lived.

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