What is the breast size of Semenovich

What is the breast size of Semenovich
Unfortunately, or fortunately, but to date in the show business is not valued, not talent, but appearance. And for the singer in the first place can be not a voice, but a bust. It was in this way that Anna Semenovich became famous, which it is extremely difficult to call a singer. And not so much because of her weak vocal data, but because of her personal positioning herself.

Attention to the bust of the star was riveted from her first appearance as a vocalist of the group "Brilliant". Who does not remember singing then in the ensemble Ksenia Novikova and Julia Kovalchuk to this day do not differ big breasts, and Zhanna Friske at that time had not yet acquired her famous forms. Naturally, Anna favorably differed from the backdrop of lean merchandise. And when Semenovich decided on a solo career, she bet on a bulky bust. And I did not fail.

That's when fans began to take an interest in Anna Semenovich's breast size. In "Brilliant" singer, according to her, she started with a full "chetverochkoy." Then no one could doubt the naturalness of her bust. And Anna did not stop there. Not particularly philosophizing over the lyrics and the music of the songs, she continued to punch her way to the top of the glory chest. Today Semenovich is a recognized sex symbol of the Russian stage. But her songs and roles can not really remember even the fans.

When the first arguments appeared on the topic of Anna Semenovich's natural breast, she, already a star, actively argued to the press that her bust was inherited from her mother. One could readily believe, especially taking into account the Ukrainian roots of the singer. But, unfortunately Anna, the same press published her photo 1998-1999 years, where the chest of the then figure skater barely reaches the second size. Of course, the bust could have grown, but still for the 18-19-year-old girl it was quite small. Just before the appearance of "Brilliant" about Anna, few people heard and, of course, almost not interested in her breasts. Still, the debate about the naturalness of her bust does not cease to this day.

To date, the volume of the breast Semenovich reaches 108-110 cm, which corresponds to the sixth size of the bra. At the same time, the vocalist has a rather modest growth – only 168 cm, and quite normal weight – 60 kg. Why is her breasts so increased for the last 15 years? After all, the girl did not recover so much over the years and did not give birth to a child. In addition, many are embarrassed by its rather slender proportions, against which the bust looks simply huge. And after frank photoshootings, where you can see how appetizing he sticks out, without falling at all by his own weight, the gossip on the theme of Anna Semyonovich's natural breast or not resumed with renewed vigor.

So, the size of Anna Semyonovich's breast today has reached the "six". There are two versions of such a transformation. First, Anna uses a variety of creams, vitamins and performs special exercises, thanks to which her bust grows like a leap, and does not hang with age. The second and more likely – Semenovich regularly makes plastic. In the press, materials and pictures were repeatedly published on which the singer's viscera clearly show scars from operations.

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