What is the best whitening cream: an overview

What is the best whitening cream: an overview
If young girls can abuse tan without thinking about the consequences of this threatening the skin, then women after 30 start to intensively reanimate the epidermis. To lighten and prevent freckles and age spots, you need to choose the best whitening cream. Internet users have created their own rating clarifying creams, covering a wide range of consumers.

What to expect from a clarifying cream

First of all, the whitening agent should fulfill its main function – to get rid of pigment spots. In addition, any clarifying cream reduces the production of melanin so that the problem does not appear again. Therefore, the moisturizing properties of the product are very important, since with the lack of moisture the production of pigments is greatly increased.

Also, clarifying agents should have the properties of light chemical peeling due to the content of fruit acids in them. As a consequence, the dead cells are exfoliated, and the skin becomes softer and more elastic.

List of the most popular means

The cream from Revitol contains an antioxidant complex that restores damaged skin cells and prevents further spread of pigmentation. All components of the cream, actively affecting the skin, of natural origin.

Producers of the product "Dramatic Results" insist on an integrated approach in combating pigmented spots. This is logical, in fact, in addition to clarification, it is necessary to fix the result and prevent a re-occurrence of the problem. The system "Dramatic Results Facial Regimen Set" includes a whitening scrub, a means for washing, a moisturizing cream and a clarifying gel. In addition, the complex has a face mask and sunscreen. This approach allows not only to bleach, but also to strengthen and smooth the skin.

It is believed that the best whitening cream does not need to be applied to the whole face. There are special concentrated products that affect the pigmentation locally. These include the bleaching gel from the "Murad", which is available in a bottle with a spout. The product effectively whitens freckles and pigmented spots, preventing them from reappearing. Producers argue that after using one bottle of the remedy, the skin will become uniform in structure, and the complexion will acquire a beautiful pink tint.

Also in the rating of clarifying creams there is a means for the dot application of "PCA Skin Pigment Gel". This powerful gel not only prevents pigmentation, but brightens the post-acne and leveles the pockmarks. It is necessary to use the product in the morning and in the evening, fixing it with sunscreen or cream with a high level of SPF.

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