What is the basis of a cosmetic product?

What is the basis of a cosmetic product?
Opening the jar of cream, we see, first of all, its foundation, and it is it that lies on our skin. The basis is 80-90% of the total mass of the cosmetic. It can be of three types: fatty, emulsion and gel.

Means on fat basis (ointment) are prepared by fusing fat components of different degree of hardness without adding water. When applied to the skin, ointments appear sticky, poorly absorbed and leave a greasy shine, so at the moment the cosmetic industry has virtually abandoned their use.

In most of its cosmetic products, presented in the modern market, has the basis of emulsion. What is an emulsion? The emulsion is two immiscible environments (water and oil), as well as substances that stabilize the emulsion and prevent it from disintegrating. These substances are called emulsifiers, and they deserve a separate Article.

A special group consists of gels that do not contain fat. They are prepared on the basis of special substances, which when mixed with water form a viscous mass or solidify, like gelatin in the preparation of a jellied.

As already mentioned, the basis is what in the cream or in any cosmetic means is the most. And so we all should be interested in ensuring that the components of the base are at least safe for our skin, but, as a maximum, moisturize, nourish and protect it.

As part of the cosmetic product, the ingredient is first indicated, which is the most, and so on, in decreasing order. So, the basis is one or two top lines in the list of the composition. Pay close attention to its components, since it is this substance that you first apply to your face and body!

Unfortunately, rare cosmetic companies at the moment can boast products based on natural substances. As a rule, in the first lines of the composition, we can observe substances such as mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, propylene glycol and the like. All of the above substances are derived from the petrochemical industry, and they do not work very well on the skin.

Therefore, when purchasing a new waste in the store, first of all pay attention to the composition, not to the colorful packaging, the untwisted brand and the front side of the box. It often happens that the mass fraction of that ingredient, whether it is an extract of a plant or a valuable oil, which is so large and colorfully written on the front side of the package, is actually a tenth or even a hundredths of a percent, while the basis of the cosmetic product is predominant notorious mineral oils. Be careful, read the composition and do not let yourself be deceived!

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