What is the basis for daily makeup?

What is the basis for daily makeup?

For owners of problem, freckled skin or skin with couperose, usually lacks the usual tonal means to disguise all the shortcomings. To solve this problem will help properly chosen basis for make-up, which is applied over the day cream, a tonal remedy. A lot of cosmetic firms from budget to luxury have in their assortment of bases for make-up, before choosing a manufacturer, you need to choose the texture of the base.

Fluid is a liquid-like transparent base, suitable for young skin with a minimum of imperfections. Fluid is easy to apply and it rests well on the skin, giving it dullness.

Gel is the basis for oily skin and skin with enlarged pores, because the helium consistency is well absorbed and does not clog pores, allows the skin to breathe.

Крем – основа, с пудровым эффектом, за счет чего хорошо скрывает несовершенства кожи, хорошо маскирует пигментные пятна и веснушки.

Стик – solid The basis that best suits the problem skin, due to the fact that it forms a dense coating, helps to hide scars and spots on the skin.

A base with flickering particles, most often has a gel-like texture containing flickering pearl particles. Such a foundation gives the skin a radiant appearance. Reflective particles give the skin a fresh and well-groomed appearance.

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