What is hair blonding?

What is hair blonding?
Gone are the days when it was possible to lighten hair only by applying a huge amount of hydroperite. Now there are many techniques for highlighting individual strands, creating highlights or simply changing colors. One of these is blonding.

Paint composition

Blonding is a technique of clarification that helps to change the color of the inner pigment of hair, that is, melanin. To carry out the procedure, several means are used: blondorans and peroxide (1,5%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%), the percentage of which is determined by the number of tones to which you need to lighten your hair. Of course, the easiest way to change the color of hair to girls, which on 1-2 tone differ from the desired result. Those who have a naturally dark head of hair, will have to repeat the procedure several times.

Before deciding on blonding, think about the consequences. Are you ready to risk your hair health for the sake of an interesting color. Like any coloring, this technique weakens the structure of the hair and the skin. The truth is sold special tools that help take care of the hair after the procedure of blonding.

Staining techniques

Blonding is not just getting the right color. You can completely change your appearance, because there are several varieties of this procedure. Girls who want to get a pure platinum shade, the technique of Platyphysis will do. It involves the use of a special decolorizing powder. In the blooming procedure, Platyphysis is considered to be the main shade of platinum silver.

More original way – Scandinavian point, which is incredibly popular among Hollywood celebrities. The meaning of coloring is reduced to the fact that the roots will be very light, and the tips are darkened, but there will be a smooth transition between them, rather than a sharp contrast.

The third species is divided into species: "strainer", "string", "zigzag. They are carried out by a method like melioration, but they look more natural. As a result, the head gets a kind of glare or the effect of burned in the sun strands. This method of blonding is the most gentle for the hair, since only a surface effect that does not damage the structure is used.

It is worth remembering that blonding can not be done after staining in a dark color and perm. It is necessary to refrain and those who have a bad condition of the scalp, dandruff or peeling. First you need to cure the disease. After the procedure, the hair needs enhanced care and minimal mechanical stress. Refrain from the use of a hair dryer and electric forceps.

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