What is gel-lacquer

What is gel-lacquer
Gel-lacquer is a novelty in the world of cosmetics for nails. Having appeared on the market a few years ago, he is not going to give up his positions. The product combines the properties of lacquers and gels for nails, is characterized by increased resistance and mirror gloss, and the palette width is not inferior to traditional enamels.

The varnish and gel hybrid have many advantages. The agent is characterized by high resistance. When properly applied, it lasts up to 3 weeks without abrasions, cracks and chips. All this time, the varnish does not lose its luster. Gel-lacquer gives strength to brittle nails, suitable for manicure, and for pedicure.

An important point for owners of sensitive nails is the absence of harmful components. The products do not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and its pitches. When applying and removing gel-varnish, nails can not be cut. Manicure can be done constantly, the remedy does not prevent the normal growth and renewal of nails.

The advantages include the ease of application. You can do a manicure in the cabin or on your own. It is important to purchase everything you need: a protective base for varnish, color gelLacquer, protective top, as well as a powerful UV lamp salon level. Remove the product can be proprietary fluid, but the usual means for removing varnish, containing acetone or not having it in the composition, will do.

The first line of gels-varnishes had a limited color range of classical shades. Today in the family of combined varnishes you can find original fashion colors: blue, green, purple. In addition, gel-varnishes mix well with each other. Note that you can mix only one brand.

The disadvantages of gel-varnish include the need for careful treatment of nails before coating. On too fat, ribbed and uneven plates the remedy keeps badly. It is necessary to polish the nails, removing all the irregularities, and then degrease the plates with a special compound.

Gel-lacquer is quite difficult to remove. You can not erase the coating with one movement of the cotton wool disc. It will be necessary to make a kind of compress of tampons soaked with liquid to remove varnish, and after softening, scrape off the coating with a wooden or plastic stick. The whole process will take at least an hour.

Apply the product in several stages. First give the nail the desired shape and length, remove the cuticle. The plate is ground with a polishing bar and wipe with a cloth dampened with a varnish remover. Then apply a layer of transparent protective base and dry it under a UV lamp.

Carefully apply a colored coating. Gel-lacquer lies on a smooth glossy layer, well distributed over the nail. Random streaks can be quickly removed with a cotton swab soaked in a nail polish remover. Dry the lacquer under the lamp. On top apply a special fixing cover and also fix it under the lamp. Take your time, the manicure should be carried out carefully. To completely dry the varnish, dry each layer for at least 2 minutes.

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