What is eyelash lamination?

What is eyelash lamination?
Laminating eyelashes – the procedure is new, it should be performed by an experienced master. Within a day you can admire the look of your eyelashes – healthy, beautiful and lush. There are more attractive for women innovative technologies in the field of beauty. Service Laminating eyelashes becomes every day more and more popular. Eyelashes after it become healthy and beautiful and, importantly, natural in appearance. In addition, useful substances in the composition of the active agent have a nutritional effect on each cilium. The most obvious effects are obvious: the improvement of the structure of the eyelashes due to thickening, the increase in length and volume, persistent color, bending, open eyes.


First of all, the wizard cleans and degreases eyelashes. For purification, he uses a special milk or serum. Thanks to this trace elements are better impregnated hairs. After that, a special protective and emollient cream is applied to the skin of the eyelids. The eyelashes fix the silicone mold, which raises the hairs to the top – you get a beautiful bend. Further – application of a nutritious structure, lengthening eyelashes and giving to them volume. This composition is the basis for staining. You can choose the color yourself. After all this, every cilium is covered with keratin.

Keratin envelops the hairs from the outside and penetrates them, restoring the damaged surface. On the eyelashes, a keratin film is formed, it gives shine to the hairs and maintains a normal moisture level.

Safety measures

The whole procedure of lamination takes no more than one hour, but within two or three months you can walk with beautiful long and fluffy eyelashes. It must be remembered that the day after the procedure should avoid moisture on the eyelashes. After a day you can do everything that you usually do: paint eyelashes with mascara, wear lenses, swim in ponds. Eyelashes will remain lush and well-groomed.

The possibility of laminating eyelashes should be consulted with a doctor. There may be contraindications. If there are any eye diseases or allergies, then the doctor will prohibit lamination, this opinion should be heeded.

Looking for an experienced master

Do lamination yourself at home conditions it is difficult even for a specialist. This procedure is new, not every master will be able to perform it at a high level. Therefore, to risk health and money is not worth it – it is better to immediately go to a specialized salon with a good reputation and positive feedback.

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