What is darsonvalization of a person

What is darsonvalization of a person
Darsonvalization of the face is an effective modern method for caring for problem skin. During the procedure, the Darsonval apparatus is used, which stimulates blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, and has the effect of lifting.

What is the method of darsonvalization

The method is based on the effect on the skin of alternating high-frequency currents combined with low voltage. Under the influence of currents blood circulation is markedly increased, the elasticity of tissues improves accordingly, metabolic processes are accelerated. Current point discharges have a positive effect not only in the place of contact between the attachment of the apparatus and the skin, they penetrate deeply into the tissues. And the cells of our body are filled with a liquid that is an electrolyte, which makes it possible to create electrical discharges in combination with ultrasonic vibrations. As a result, the effect of drainage of the ducts occurs.

Regular use of the apparatus "Darsonval" helps to tighten the muscles that form the oval of the face. In addition, darsonvalization restores the water balance of the skin, thereby increasing its elasticity, eliminating age-related changes.

During the formation of point discharges, ozone and nitrogen oxides exert a bactericidal effect. With the help of these categories, the problem areas of the skin are disinfected, local immunity increases.

Easy massage with a glass electrode with an inert gas for 3-4 minutes can eliminate puffiness in the problem area of ??the skin, relieve spasm of blood vessels and prevent stagnation of blood in the veins.

The method of darsonvalization can be carried out in domestic conditions, but it's worth remembering that the course should not exceed 10-15 sessions. After a two-three-month break, you can resume treatment.

Indication of darsonvalization procedures

Indications for conducting darsonvalization are:
– problem skin (acne);
– the presence of scars and scars;
– presence of facial or age wrinkles;
swelling of the skin;
– Increased fat content of the skin.

The method of darsonvalization is contraindicated in any neoplasms, problems with blood coagulability, diseases of the cardiovascular system, purulent processes, couperose, in tuberculosis and pregnancy. Also, this procedure can not be performed if there is a pacemaker in the patient.

It should be noted that the action of alternating currents can stimulate unwanted hair growth, so it is recommended to perform the procedure every other day and not more than 5 minutes.

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