What is "darsonval"

What is "darsonval"
Darsonvalization is a method of physiotherapeutic treatment based on the use of alternating current of high frequency and low strength. Using a glass vacuum electrode, high voltage is applied to the skin, it ionizes the air and the current passes through the tissues.

The effect of the procedure is due to the irritant effect of the discharge on the skin and mucous membranes. The skin does not heat up, because a current of small force is used. Changes in the ion composition and effects on muscles do not occur due to the use of alternating current.

With darsonvalization, the nerve endings are irritated, which provides a small analgesic effect. Small vessels expand, which increases the flow of blood. The metabolic processes and tissue regeneration are accelerated.

The field of application is wide enough. Darsonval is used for pain syndromes, peripheral nerve sensitivity disorders. It is good for skin lesions associated with impaired blood flow, with hair loss and skin itching. Darsonvalization is performed with varicose veins, lymphostasis and hemorrhoids, trophic ulcers, poorly healing wounds.

Эту физиотерапевтическую процедуру применяют in dentistry for the treatment of periodontitis and stomatitis, in ENT-practice with vasomotor rhinitis.

Darsonval can be used to solve not only local, but also common problems. Neurocirculatory dystonia, consequences of craniocerebral trauma, Raynaud's syndrome, migraine not bad give in to physiotherapeutic treatment.

There are no specific contraindications for use, but there are general contraindications to physiotherapy. These are any tumors, exhaustion, fever, systemic diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis, severe atherosclerosis, aneurysm, high blood pressure, epilepsy, chronic heart and kidney failure. Such acute conditions as myocardial infarction, stroke are also contraindications. The presence of metal fragments in the area of ??exposure, individual intolerance prohibits physiotherapy.

Treatment is dosed according to the intensity of the impact, the patient's feelings. The duration of one manipulation is from two to twenty minutes. The procedures are repeated every day or every other day, with a course of three to thirty times.

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