What is dangerous diet Mayo

What is dangerous diet Mayo
Sometimes it happens that unsuccessful experiments take root much better than those that really can form the basis of if not progress, then at least the emergence of a new one. This happened with studies and experiments on weight loss, which were conducted in the American clinic Mayo. The Mayo diet is popular on many continents, although, in fact, does not represent anything in common with what the American doctors offered.


Miracle clinic

In 60 years of the last century in Minnesota, concerned about the sharply growing level of teenage obesity, the doctors at the Mayo Clinic have made a number of attempts to develop a nutrition complex that would regulate the metabolism and cholesterol level in the blood of patients with overweight.

The first experiments were not successful, they were based mostly on the exclusion of carbohydrates and fats from the diet, but such nutrition led to the appearance of chronic diseases in patients due to the resulting imbalance of minerals and fats.

diet without fat and carbohydrates, diet

Five years was required in order to find a compromise solution and help the fatiguing nation to return to a beautiful and healthy body. In the 1965 year of the clinic Mayobecame a real beauty factory, not only helping to reduce weight, but also carrying out numerous cosmetic procedures for patients, including surgeries for resection of excess tissues, stretch marks, etc.

  • It was an integrated approach that helped people lose weight, but only part of the program left the people, and not in the most correct interpretation.

Burn fat and cheer

Today, the term "Mayo Clinic Diet", unfortunately, implies a diet with many restrictions and the use of "fat-burning soup". Especially popular diet was in Japan, where it massively sat Japanese school girls, who wanted to become similar to the heroes of the anime.

Soupcan be cooked at home. Required:

  • White cabbage,
  • 5-6 heads of onions,
  • tomatoes,
  • green pepper,
  • celery.

Ingredients should be crushed and boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes. After you need to cover the pan with a lid, let the vegetables shake and add the spices that are customary for your diet, with the exception of salt. For convenience of reception of a soup it is possible to grind in a blender to a status of cream soup.

fat-burning soup, diet majo

Such fat-burning soupshould be the basis for a minimum diet for the next month. It should be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, completely eliminating fats, vegetable oils, all kinds of flour. Under the prohibition of alcohol, soda and sweet drinks. You can have chocolate, but only natural bitter. And no coffee!

For an optimal balance, the diet suggests drinking at least two liters of warm, still water.

drink, water, drink a day

Followers of this method – weight loss, say that in a week you will feel incredible cheerfulness and lightness, the mood will improve, and the world will seem friendlier. However, the doctors of the same clinic, which gave the name to the diet, hold a different opinion.

The Dangers of Diets

The clinic still refuses in every way from such a diet and, in particular, from soup. The thing is that so many калорий, which implies the indicated food is catastrophically small for the human body.

The result of eating fat-burning soup can be the strongest dysbiosis and imbalanceminerals, salts, fats in the body. People who are on this diet really lose weight, but along with the kilograms, hair fall out, broken nails and even bones, from which calcium is washed away.

weakness, anorexia, consequences of diets

Two month dietscan turn into serious problems that will force a person to return to a full-fledged diet. It also will lead to a fatal way to a sharp and even greater weight gain, because the body will work defending itself, accumulating fat for future use. And therefore, no matter how wonderful the technique is, it is necessary to use it sensibly and under control.

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