What is carving in 2018 year

What is carving in 2018 year
Carving hair is one of the popular services in beauty salons. It is understood as the procedure for giving the hair volume at the roots and for perming the curls of hair with the use of sparing compositions and various curlers.

Carving procedure

Carving is done in beauty salons by craftsmen who have passed special training. According to the technology, sparing compounds that do not contain theoglycolate and ammonia are used, as well as mixtures from the "biocaust" series.

The carving procedure takes from one and a half to two hours. Hair wind on the curler, then the master at the required time, puts on them a special composition, then rinses it and dries his hair. As a result, visually thick, curled locks are obtained (the texture can vary in their texture).

There are several types of carving. To get the effect of curly (strongly curly) hair for carving use small curlers. People who prefer slightly curly locks, will approach a large carving, which is done with the help of large curlers.

Carving looks good both on short and long hair. To create a radical volume, curls are wound on curlers of different diameters.

There is biocarvage of hair. Due to the use of a special composition, the structure of the hair is less damaged, and the effect of the procedure lasts longer than usual carving. Minus this service – it is very expensive.

Caring for hair after carving

After the procedure curls will persist until the hair is wet. To leave the curl after the next washing of the head, you need to use a special shampoo with conditioner for textured hair, and then dry them naturally.

In order to straighten the curls, you need to dry them with a hair dryer, pulling the curls along the entire length taking the tips. To give a "wet effect" you need to apply a little gel or a special mousse on your hair.

Carving is best done on short or medium (up to the shoulders) hair. The effect of the procedure lasts for up to a month and longer. It all depends on the formulations used for hair treatment.

After carving, the hair does not require special care, although restoring and moisturizing masks will not be superfluous. For styling curls it is desirable to use cosmetics for textured hair.

It is recommended to do coloring or highlighting not earlier than in 72 hours after carving, it is better to use paint without ammonia.

It is undesirable to do carving on the basis of light chemistry if the hair is strongly discolored, varnished or subjected to frequent staining. In this case, it is worth paying attention to biocarvage and biocarvage of hair.

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