What is caramel depilation?

What is caramel depilation?
Smooth skin without unnecessary vegetation on it is a guarantee of beauty and self-confidence. There are dozens of methods of hair removal. The last word is caramel depilation, which is increasingly gaining popularity among women.

Depilation is the process of removing hair from the skin without damaging the hair bulb. It includes various methods – shaving, using an electro-depilator or depilatory cream, as well as getting rid of hair with the help of wax. The last invention was the removal of hair with caramel, it is for him to recognize the future of depilation, because it has a lot of positive moments.

Caramel depilation is made with the help of a mixture, which in various proportions can include sugar, honey, water, aromatic oils and other additives. AT domestic conditions Caramel for depilation is made from sugar, lemon juice and a small amount of water.

The process of hair removal with caramel is similar to wax depilation, but it has differences. Caramel does not heat up, is applied against the growth of hair, and not along it, is removed with the help of tissue strips for hair growth.

This method has a lot of advantages. First of all, caramel will not harm the vessels. Unlike the work of hot wax, the sugar mixture is heated exclusively in the hands of the master, that is, does not reach high temperatures. Thus, you will never get a burn and do not get vascular asterisks on depilated areas.

Problem ingrown hair, so familiar to lovers of wax, epilator and shaving, disappears when using caramel. Sugar mixture penetrates into hair follicles, so it does not break, but completely removes hairs. Due to this, the formation of ingrown hairs is reduced to zero.

Problem at depilation wax – a large amount of it on the skin after the procedure. Washed wax is difficult, which can not be said about the natural sugar mixture, which is sufficient to wash off with water or wipe with a damp cloth.

Girls who tasted caramel, say that redness is already in twenty or thirty minutes. After using wax or epilator, the skin not only turns red, but also noticeably swells и hurts about a day.

The last plus of caramel is the economy. In order to depilate with it, you do not need special expensive equipment. In addition, the same piece of caramel can be used repeatedly, removing them hairs on the armpit.

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