What is better to wear for a wedding to my brother

What is better to wear for a wedding to my brother
Another's marriage is an excellent occasion for a girl to meet new young people and meet her mate. Especially if a close relative gets married. Naturally, the question arises, what to wear to the wedding of his brother, to look attractive and appropriate. First, you need to study the wedding dress code and start from your own relationship with the bride. If the sister-in-law invited you to wedding as a girlfriend, the toilet should be special.

Attire for a "friend"

Usually the bride's bridesmaid dress is chosen by the bride herself. From the west came the tradition to surround the bride with several equally dressed girls. Those who are honored to be "a friend" will have to rely on the taste of the mistress of the celebration. Although, perhaps, the bride simply asks the girlfriends to dress in the same style and uniform colors, without forcing them to observe the strict wedding dress code.

And yet there are canons, which must meet the bridesmaid's dress. First, it should not be white. This color today belongs only to the bride and it's indecent to get dressed in a similar outfit.

Secondly, the black dress of the "friend" is inadmissible. The groom usually dresses in black, and they already make up a contrast with the bride. If the girlfriend of the bride also wears this color, she and the newlyweds will frame her with a mourning frame.

Dress in the frame of decency

If you are almost unfamiliar or just not friendly with the bride, the question what to put on the wedding of the brother, you can decide on your own. Try to observe decency and abandon the defiant styles.

An excellent solution will be a classic dress up to the knees. If you do not have such a model, you can wear a mini, but not extreme. The hem should open the knees for a maximum of 10 cm.

From a dress to a floor it is better to refuse from reasons of convenience. The long hem is often confused under the feet, prevents dancing, and by the end of the celebration not too sober guests can easily break it off, inadvertently stepping on.

The ideal option will be a cocktail dress with a mild decollete and pleasant pastel colors. For example, beige, blue, saffron, ash-pink, lilac.

A little bit about comfort

It is important that you put on your wedding. If you put on your feet uncomfortable shoes on the mind-blowing "stripper" hairpins, the holiday will be hopelessly spoiled. Ballet flats under a cocktail dress do not fit. What is left?

Ideal option will be shoes-boats on the average (5-6 cm) heel-glass. Or sandals on a wedge, which will remove the lion's share of the load from lifting the foot.


It is necessary to think about such small things as a hat, gloves and a handbag. The reticule is simply necessary for the bridesmaid, since the bride herself is unlikely to have it.

It is the duty of the cronies to monitor the appearance of the bride. So it's worth taking a small handbag with a minimal arsenal of cosmetics.

Hat and gloves are worn at will. It is necessary to coordinate such things with the theme of the wedding.

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