What is a voskoplav and how to use it

What is a voskoplav and how to use it
Wax epilation until recently was difficult to perform at home. And the procedure in the beauty salon is not cheap, given that the sessions must be repeated every few weeks. The appearance of wax in the cosmetic market has solved the problem of home hair removal.

Voskoplav used for the procedure of wax epilation. It selects and maintains the wax temperature at the optimum level with the built-in thermostat, which eliminates the possibility of getting thermal burns. Now you do not have to melt the wax by hand. The device heats it to the required temperature (40 – 60 degrees).

The scheme of application of the device is very simple. The heated wax is applied to the skin, and then removed along with unwanted hairs. The advantage of using voskoplav is a long lasting result from the procedure – up to 3 weeks. With regular use, unwanted hairs become less frequent and thinner, but grow more slowly.

How to choose voskoplav для эпиляции? Важно знать, что независимо от стоимости и разновидности аппарата принцип его действия всегда один и тот же. А вот вместимость зависит от объемов предстоящих ему работ. В косметических кабинетах, где процедура эпиляции проводится по нескольку раз в день, используется вместительная разновидность воскоплавов – баночные нагреватели. Они не понадобятся, если планируется использовать аппарат в domestic conditions. For personal use, an ordinary cassette wax is suitable. To buy a cassette with a capacity of 100 ml, and refuel as needed.

Using voskoplava allows you to save money by performing the procedure of epilation of hands, legs, face and intimate places in Home conditions. The procedure practically does not cause painful sensations. And the effect exceeds all expectations.

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