What is a spa?

What is a spa?
Spa – a set of water procedures aimed at improving and relaxing the human body. But today, more and more often this concept includes other methods – mud therapy, thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, and the spa is often called a way of life and thinking. Spa or spa is a kind of physiotherapy, based on the use of water and other substances related to water, for example, algae, therapeutic mud, salts. Spa therapy is very effective for improving health, improving skin condition and relaxation.

History of spa therapy

The history of the spa began in the distant past, even this term has ancient Roman roots, since it comes from the Latin expression "sanus per auuam", which translates as "treatment with water." Ancient Romans can be considered the founders of this type of treatment and relaxation, they used thermal springs for healing, built special buildings – thermae, where they took water procedures, knew about the healing properties of mineral water.

According to another version, the name comes from the name of the Belgian spa town with a lot of hot keys.

In Russia, spa therapy began to develop during the time of Peter I, who founded a resort called "Marcial Waters" in Karelia and went there for treatment. Gradually, the nobles and representatives of the upper classes followed the example of the tsar and began to travel to hot springs, which really brought benefits.

In the XX century, spa therapy began to develop rapidly around the world. There was not only a lot of spa resorts, but also special salons, where they conduct water procedures for the purpose of healing and relaxation.

Spa salons and procedures

In the spa, more attention is paid not to treatment, as to the resorts, but to relaxation and better mood. Such places allow you to completely immerse yourself in a meditative state and enjoy pleasant sensations; for this purpose, in the salons, every detail is thought through: include pleasant music, offer phyto-cocktails, light aromatic candles.

There are many different spa treatments. These are herbal and mud baths, showers "tropical shower", jacuzzi with different types of water massage, pools with warm sea water, snow wipes in special rooms with low temperature and soft snow, aroma baths, hammams with foam massage, Finnish saunas, capsules with various functions and much more.

The spa also offers the services of conventional beauty salons: manicure, pedicure, cosmetic procedures.

The complex of spa therapy includes mud therapy, thalassotherapy, herbal medicine, wraps, massage, aromatherapy, recently to the spa include yoga, meditation and fitness training. These various procedures and techniques combine the fact that they are aimed at relaxing the body. Increasingly, "spa" is called a wider range of concepts than just water or relaxing procedures, it is a whole set of techniques and even a lifestyle.

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