What is a spa

What is a spa
According to one version, the term SPA came from the Latin word combination "sanitas per aqua", which means "health through water". On the other – from the Belgian city of the same name, which was famous for its thermal waters. Since the second half of the XX century, the term SPA has been called health procedures in hotels.

SPA-salon is a place where you can relax with your soul and body. From the very threshold you will be greeted as a welcome guest, offering a cup of fragrant tea or phyto-coquel. Scented candles, quiet music, comfortable soft furniture will help to relax. This is not just a beauty salon with a set of specific procedures. This is a kind of ritual in which there are no trifles. For relaxation, everything is important: a cozy interior, muted light, subtle flavors, candle flame, soft towels and benevolent specialists.

After a busy work week to relieve stress and relax the muscles of the body will help paired. They can be executed in European, Eastern or Slavic style. Traditional Russian steam room differs air temperature 40-45оС and humidity 60-80%. The heat is poured by pouring water on hot stones. To improve the healing effect, the procedure is combined with a coronary massage. The difference between the Finnish bath in high temperatures, which can reach 100оС. However, due to low humidity in 10-30%, indoors they are easily transported. Roman bath consists of two rooms. In the first, the air temperature is at the mark of 45оС, and in the second it reaches 70оС. Dry steam is fed into the steam room from the holes in the walls. For those who want to cool, there are two swimming pools with warm and cool water. Visiting the Turkish steam room is accompanied by a mandatory soap massage and skin peeling. At the end of the session, the client is given a relaxing massage.

SPA-procedures for the body also include a cedar barrel, stone therapy (massage with hot stones) and all kinds of wraps (chocolate, algal, gel, mud). After them, the skin becomes purer, velvety and more tender. In the body appears lightness, and the flaws in the figure become less noticeable.

The complex of procedures for the hands and feet consists of a massage based on the theory of reflex points, wraps to relieve the feeling of heaviness and fatigue, manicure and pedicure. Paraffin baths, cosmetics based on plant extracts, thermal waters and essential oils smooth wrinkles, moisturize the skin and help get rid of problems with the nails.

Specialists of the salon will take care of the skin of your face. All the procedures performed can be divided into 3 groups: basic, tightening and aimed at fighting acne. The first group includes various face masks, massages using products containing oxygen, gold particles, essential oils and algae. Stretching procedures include collagen masks, lifting, injections of Botox and dermabrasion. And cope with imperfections of the skin will help peelings, stimulation of the skin with current, as well as using a laser. In the end, the complexion becomes more even, the skin is more elastic and taut, and the shortcomings are not so obvious.

It is not necessary to have an occasion to visit the SPA-salon, because some procedures are aimed at simply improving the mood or the client's well-being: aroma, contrast shower, SPA-capsule, body and head massage.

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