What is a haircut with hot scissors?

What is a haircut with hot scissors?
Cutting with hot scissors is a procedure that consists in sealing the ends of the hair, so that they fill with vitality and cease to be cut. The advantage of this procedure: due to the fact that the hair does not split and does not break, they grow faster, and look much more beautiful.

Cutting hot scissors is considered an innovative method used in many beauty salons. The procedure itself is carried out using thermo-scissors (they are heated to a temperature of 80-140 degrees). The temperature depends on the condition of the hair.

A distinctive feature of cutting hot scissors is that this procedure, in fact, seals the hairs, which means that useful substances and water remain inside. After such a haircut, the hair does not grow dull, but on the contrary, it becomes healthy and beautiful.

Преимуществ у стрижки горячими ножницами немало. Главное из них – избавление от секущихся кончиков: концы волос становятся скругленными, то есть приобретают естественную форму.

As is known, the hair has a tubular structure: inside they are filled with an organic pigment – keratin. After shearing with usual hairdressing scissors for forty-eight hours, the ends of the hair remain unprotected from external negative factors. In the process of cutting hot scissors tips are clogged literally instantly.

Перед тем как выполнить стрижку горячими ножницами, в салоне предложат провести компьютерную диагностику волос.

The procedure itself is performed in the following way: the hair needs to be twisted into flagella and the tips tipped in different directions with a heated hairdresser's equipment. As a rule, the cutting with hot scissors lasts at least an hour and this is not surprising, because this work is laborious, and therefore does not tolerate haste.

The main aesthetic effect, which is achieved by such a procedure, is an increase in the volume of hair. After the fifth haircut with hot scissors, the volume of hair is doubled.

In addition, a hot scissors can be cut with any type of hair and at different times of the year. This procedure has no contraindications: it is also acceptable for Men, и для женщин.

The only drawback is the high cost of cutting with hot scissors.

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