What hairstyles will suit girls with long dark hair

What hairstyles will suit girls with long dark hair
Long dark hair looks great in simple but effective styling. Straight strands can be braided, twisted into bundles, laid in the form of beams and bows. Well and wavy hair it is simple to issue in accurate large ringlets which will stylishly be looked both in the afternoon, and in the evening.

Beams and braids

Dark hair is a simple and clear lines, without small details. Choose large shapes – they will look especially impressive. Try to make a classic hairstyle – a French shell.

Clean your hair and sprinkle with varnish. Lightly brush them with a brush, and then secure them with hairpins in the center of the head from the crown to the back of the head. Combing the hair on one side, simultaneously twist them inside. Try to make the fold smooth, without bumps. Secure the shell with studs, stabbing them vertically. Fit the ends of the hair inside the fold with the handle of the comb. Hairstyle with a varnish, smoothing the hair with your hands. The shell is fashionable to decorate with decorative hairpins or thin hairpins.

Low node

This hairstyle is especially beautiful on thick, perfectly straight hair. Sprinkle clean strands with a heat-protective spray, and then straighten them, holding the plates between the plates. Divide the hair into an oblique parting and comb with a brush, then assemble the low tail on the back of the head, attaching it with a thin band to the hair color.

Twist the tail into a loose bundle, and then lay it with rings around the base. Turn the ends of the hair inside. Secure the assembly with the studs.

Hairstyle can be made more interesting, if after straightening a part of the hair plaited in thin pigtails. Then they gather in the tail and twist into a knot together with the main mass of hair. Hairstyle fix with a varnish with shine.

Waves and curls

Если вы предпочитаете распущенные длинные волосы, попробуйте их завить. «Мелкий бес» и тонкие спирали неактуальны. Гораздо красивее смотрятся пышные естественные локоны. Для их создания воспользуйтесь бигуди, а окончательную форму прическе придайте при помощи электрощипцов.

Wash your head, dry it with a hair dryer and moisten the strands with a fixing liquid or treat it with mousse. Alternately wind the narrow strands of medium-sized velcro curlers. Dry your hair and carefully remove the curlers. Sprinkle the curls with a lacquer of strong fixation.

Throw curls down and whip them with your fingers. Then tilt the hair back. Pulling out of the total mass of thin strands, curl them with electric clamps. From above, you can lightly brush your hair. Spray the stitch with varnish, if necessary, poke the hair in the face with hairpins or decorative combs.

For special occasions hair style from the curls can be decorated with colored mascara. Color it with a few locks on the face. Dark hair will go red, silver, golden, emerald or purple mascara.

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