What hairstyles will be fashionable in 2017 year

What hairstyles will be fashionable in 2017 year
You have the perfect face, you are the owner of beautiful eyes, but if your hairstyle is ridiculous or not at all, the "beauty" will not count you.

Every year makes its own adjustments to fashion. This applies to fashion and hairstyles. Next year natural tones are preferred. If you have straight hair, then you can disband them on the shoulders, but you can gather them in a bundle below or raise higher, on the back of the head. The hair collected below can be thrown forward. Try on yourself. The upper part is brushed and fastened with beautiful hairpins, and the bottom is pinched or blown.

Put the hair in large curls, and at the roots a little scratch. With an average length of hair, you can make a cut of the car. With short hair, make a haircut "bean". In fashion, a straight fringe, a bundle in the shape of a horse's tail. Try to use less various elastic bands and hair clips.

You can make a haircut «Universal cascade». Strip the bangs sideways. This hairstyle suits many and it can be modified. If you have smooth, well-groomed hair, then you can try a graduated haircut. If you are young, you can make an ultrashort haircut with a semi-circular bang.

When choosing a hairstyle, you should consider what kind of face you have, what eyes and even character. The forms of hairstyles can be very diverse. The choice is absolutely any, depending on your preferences. This can be a penalty for curvy hair, a large hairstyle or smoothly combed hair. Haircuts can also be very different. Do not be afraid to experiment. Can graduate, but one can fantasize – asymmetry is acceptable here. 2017 Fashion Squeak of the Year – an oblong oblique bangs that hides part of the face. In the 2017 fashion trend of the year – the contrast between the opposite styles. Classics can be combined with deliberate negligence, freedom. In the new year there are a number of stylish hairstyles that can create unusual images. In the new year in the fashion pigtails. It can be large and small, with the addition of flowers and ornaments, imitating the ethnic spirit. In the fashion braids in the form of "fish tail" – pigtails are gathered in a bun on the back of the head or small pigtails, neatly mesh attached to loose hair. In the 2017 year in fashion, braids with ribbons woven into them (satin, silk or nylon).

Another option that will be in fashion in 2017 year – Greek motifs. A Greek hairstyle can be made from straight and curly hair. And the fashion house Albert Ferretti uses a vintage style in Greek motifs. Then the "Greek style" will acquire aristocratic notes.

In 2017 year in fashion curls. If you want to make small curls, they can be beautifully decorated with hairpins and shear cascade. Some fashionistas prefer large curls. Curl them follows, starting not from above, but from below. If they are small at the top, then only waves can be from below. When curling, use curlers of different sizes. Again in the fashion curls "petty demon." Curls can be worn in everyday life and at a party.

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