What hairstyle can I make for short fluffy hair in 2018 year

What hairstyle can I make for short fluffy hair in 2018 year
Short and at the same time fluffy voloss – one of the most difficult for stacking combinations. Nevertheless, with a certain skill and properly selected haircut from them, you can make a beautiful and at the same time stylish hairstyle.

Hairstyles options for every day

One of the main principles of any hairstyle is properly laid hair. Then you can make any packing with them. So, to lay a haircut with a square, a bean or shorter hair, it is worth washing your head, getting wet your head and applying a little mousse to create a volume on the strand. Then you need to make a parting in the right place, which is more suited to the shape of the face and dry the hair with a hairdryer.

In this case, for short hair, in contrast to long hair, it is better to use a round hairbrush with a stiff bristle and pull it with a strand behind the strand, otherwise the hair will swell from the airflow even more. In the end, dry strands should be wrapped around the brush and held for a while, setting the temperature of the appliance to cold.

In this case, the hairstyle will keep the volume, but will not look too airy and disheveled.

Another version of the female styling for each day is stretched hair, which looks very stylish in a short length. To do this, the head is also worth washing, and then thoroughly dry with a hair dryer or a natural way. After that on curls it is necessary to put thermal protective means, and then to extend them with iron a lock for a lock. In the end, to fix the hair, you need to take a handful of wax, rub it between the palms and hold them through the hair. And then just comb the finished styling.

Variants of evening hairstyles

For evening styling of short and lush hair, it is best, of course, to fit large curls. To make them, you can take a conventional or a large diameter radiator. The latter need only be wound on dry hair. Shevelyru must be divided into the central, left and right parts. The first is better wound from person to head, and strands on the sides – from the crown to the ears. Finished curls can be combed, but it's better just to straighten them with your hands and sprinkle your hair with varnish for fixation.

At a less solemn event, you can create a wet hair effect by applying a little gel on the wet strands and leaving them to dry naturally without scratching.

From hair length to the shoulders you can make a French bunch or, as it is also called, a shell. To do this, previously dried and stretched with a hair dryer should be collected on the back of the head, then slowly move so that their shape resembles a shell. To fix such a hairstyle is best with hairpins that match the color to the shade of the hair. And you can decorate it with a beautiful and stylish crest or even fresh flowers, if they are appropriate for the solemn event.

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