What haircuts are suitable for a round face

What haircuts are suitable for a round face
A beautiful hairstyle is able to turn the most ordinary woman into a real beauty. But in order for the hair to really fit, it is necessary to take into account both the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. For example, for a round person only certain haircuts are suitable.

Owners of the round face first of all it is necessary to select such hairstyles, which visually extend the face.
If you have long hair, you are already winning, as they give the round face an oval shape. Therefore, you can build a wide variety of hairstyles on long straight hair. Curly locks should preferably be straightened with a special iron.

Отлично подходит круглолицым девушкам стрижка «боб». Хотя эта прическа и считается опасной для такого типа лица, но, соблюдая некоторые правила, можно позволить ее и при такой форме. Так, по длине «боб» должен быть немного длиннее подбородка. При этом волосы – исключительно прямые. Если вы обладательница вьющихся локонов, вам необходимо будет выпрямить их.

A good option for a round face are and haircuts to the shoulders. It is the average length of the hair that has the property of stretching the facial features. With such a length, you already can not pay attention to the waviness or straightness of the hair – this image fits all.

With a round face, you can also afford a "kare" haircut, but with the elongated front ends already. In this case, pay attention to the fact that the hair should be perfectly straight.

On short hair, you can build yourself an original multi-level hairstyle. So, "artistic disorder" on the head or individual strands of different lengths can significantly extend the face. Also, try to style your hair in such a way that the neck is more lush, and the face – on the contrary – thin strands.

To choose a bang for this type should be approached especially carefully. So, for chubby, short bangs are recommended to the middle of the forehead. Try to choose a hair style so that your ears are covered with hair. You can also afford a long bang, but carefully profiled. It can be beautifully combed on one side. But in no case should not wear the owner of a round face thick and straight bangs.

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