What haircut will suit a girl with a thin face and thin hair

What haircut will suit a girl with a thin face and thin hair
Fashion is devised to ensure that every woman feels her own uniqueness and could, skilfully masking the shortcomings, emphasize the advantages of appearance. For example, a haircut for a girl with a thin face is designed to give the oval a more rounded outline and add an extra volume of hair. Love yourself as you are, will help the right hair. It is best to trust the hands of a professional who, even from thin "feathers" will make a lion's mane. But you can change something yourself.

Perfect care

No hairstyle for thin hair will help if you wash your hair with an unsuitable shampoo and ignore the extra funds. Since a thin head of hair will have to be washed almost every day, a non-sulfate shampoo is needed, which will not harm the structure of the curls.

Be sure to use air conditioning and a mask for volume, which can be applied not only to the tips, but also to the roots, thoroughly washing the product afterwards. In addition, so that the hair for delicate hair looks magnificent, you need to discard wax and gel for styling in favor of ultra light oils, sprays, lotions and mousses.

In addition to external care, internal enrichment of the body with biotin is necessary. To do this, eat mushrooms, eggs, legumes, liver, fruits, nuts, milk.

Reference Length

Note that the haircut for a girl with a thin face should not be too short, nor too long. Ideally, these are curls that fall below the chin or hair length up to the shoulders. The hair below the shoulder blades and longer can not be left straight, it is better to curl them into curls, creating an extra volume and distracting attention from the thin face.

Examples of Hairstyles

The optimal solution will be a layered haircut for a thin face and fine hair, for example, a cascade up to the shoulders. A similar hairstyle visually rounds the oval and raises the curls at the roots.

You can also make an elongated square below the chin. Shorten the elongated face with a straight bang, covering the eyebrows. Another approach is the beveled side of the "torn" bangs. The main thing is that the forehead is not open.

Haircut for a thin face and thin hair with hair below the shoulder blades must be milled. Or it is better to make a big wave at all. "Chemistry" will help to kill three birds with one stone – visually make the oval of the face fuller, lift locks at the roots and give the owner hair of femininity and prettyness.

Also it is worth paying attention to the hair color. Blondes can always achieve a greater visual volume than brunettes. In addition, red and melirovanye curls will revitalize the haircut, smoothing the angular features of a thin face.

Drawing a conclusion, we can say that for an elongated oval and thin hair, you need an average length, oblique or straight bangs, thinning or large curls, as well as a light tint of curls.

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