What haircut to choose for curly hair

What haircut to choose for curly hair
There are various options for hairstyles for curly hair and each of them has its advantages. Keep in mind that a trendy and stylish haircut on wavy hair should be appropriate to your image, shape, facial features.

You will need
  • Curly hair, various styling products.
Pixie. A classic example of this hairstyle is the world's American actress Halle Berry. Looking at her you can understand that short hair and curls – this is quite compatible phenomenon. Stylists recommend to perform this haircut layers: the upper strands should be longer than the laterals. Such a haircut is suitable for women with large and expressive features. A great solution for curly short hair will help to design various styling products: mousses, waxes, gels.

"Bob with a bang." Bob with a bang, which casually falls to one side – a good option for the owner of curls. Make a few strands on the crown shorter than the rest, extend the temporal strands. So, you add a hairstyle volume. For a haircut, the bean is very easy to care for. You just need to wash your hair and put it in a hair dryer. Very often strands, dried naturally, themselves lay curls very beautifully. Choose a haircut bean if you have a triangular or heart-shaped face: it will visually become much neater and thinner. Fit a bang if desired. It can be round, straight and even asymmetric.

"Bob without a bang" and "A-Bob." A shortened bean without bangs looks great on wavy hair. Paint your hair in an unusual color and your hair will dramatically change your image. To enhance the effect, remove curly curls on one side – to the right or to the left. Please note that for such a hairstyle you must have a beautiful forehead. A-bob assumes a straight parting and elongated front strands. Hairstyle is very attractive and feminine. Waves create volume and make the image romantic. The front strands can reach the shoulder, and the hindlegs fall even lower. The main trump card of a hairdress is a hairstyle layers.

Shaggy haircut "shag". With such a haircut, you do not have to constantly think about the order on your head. After all, light negligence is its main feature. However, only girls with well-groomed hair can afford such a haircut. This is necessary to ensure that the air curls look great even without special installation. A vivid example of the "shag" haircut is the singer Rihanna. Her light curls are bulky and elastic. To that, the hairstyle adds contrast to the image due to overgrown dark roots.

"Cascade" for long hair. This haircut will help to curb naughty strands. Narrowed wavy hair is easier to lay with a hair dryer even without the use of special styling products. The advantage of the "Cascade" in its naturalness, lightness and romance. To the hair is not climbed in the face, the front strands make below the chin. Of course, you need to regularly visit the hairdresser in order to maintain the length of the hair, and the strands are in order. And yet graded haircuts – one of the best despite the difficulties in care.

Grooming "under the boy." This haircut gives the image a grace, because she opens the swan neck. It is suitable for oval or rectangular type of face. Locks decorate in complete chaos, because the mood of the hair is coquettish, naughty and somewhat insolent. In addition, curls can always be straightened and laid with various means. Then the hair will be transformed into absolutely smooth and strict.

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