What hair do men like

What hair do men like
The beauty industry is fed by fashion. Fashion on hair color also. The lady is inspired that every season men like a new hair color or a coloring option. Let's see, what kind of hair do men like in fact?


No matter how fashionable houses on short haircuts insist, men remain conservative in this matter. The overwhelming majority of representatives of the stronger sex like hair length from the middle of the back and up to the waist. On the second place there are fans of extremely long hair – from the waist and longer. On the third – fans of hairstyles the length from the shoulders and to the middle of the back. With a large margin there are fans of short female hairstyles.


As shown by numerous surveys, men like healthy, shiny and beautiful hair. Fans of visited tips and a dull, washed-out color – 0%. As for the structure of the hair – most men prefer girls with wavy hair, owners of the so-called picture wave. In second place – straight hair. Honorable third place is occupied by ladies with tight curls. However, the beauty of any hair is lost if their structure is painful.


It is believed that all gentlemen actively prefer blondes. This is not quite true. By the color of the hair, the gentlemen divided into equal parts, who prefer the brown-haired and the fair-haired. In the second place – burning brunettes and blondes. On the third – red-haired beauties. As for the various extreme colors and color colors – lovers of such extreme units. By the way, natural gray hair to men like much more than painted in different colors.


On the first place with a large margin are lovers of hairstyles based on loose hair. The second place is occupied by hairstyles in the form of a tail and braids. On the third – hairstyles based on short hair. As for the compound hairdo – lovers of masterpieces of art hairdressers a little. This applies to hairstyles with abundant use of stowage. Hair, filled with foam and pressed with varnish, like only professionals.

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