What forms are there in the newly developed nails

What forms are there in the newly developed nails
Over the past few years, nails have become very popular. Augmentation allows you to make the perfect manicure with any long and shape of the nail. When choosing a form, one should be guided not only by fashion trends, but also by criteria such as the shape of the hands, the length of the fingers, the way of life and the profession. There are 16 different shapes allowing you to choose the perfect option for any woman.

Classic nail forms

The most common classical form is the square. It is ideal for owners of long, beautiful fingers and will give their image austerity and elegance. On the square form, you can make any drawing and design from the French manicure to extravagant combinations.

The square shape has varieties: a clear, soft square and a square with enlarged edges. The shape with rounded edges is more practical, because angles do not cling to things and hair.

Another common form is the oval. This form is different in that the free edge of the nail has a rounded shape that repeats the line of the nail smiles. The nails of this form look more natural and practical in everyday wear.

The shape of the nail, combining a square and oval shape, is called squaw. It looks like a soft square, but the free edge has a greater rounding. This form is very practical and suitable for women engaged in housekeeping or other manual labor.

The almond-shaped nails are characterized by a slightly narrowed free part and no edges. This shape is ideal for girls with short and wide fingers. The nails of this form look as natural as possible. They are comfortable in everyday wear and are ideal for any style.

Another equally common form is the stylet. This form looks good on long nails. There are several varieties of stylet: a beveled, skew-twisted nail and a peak. This shape has a sharp narrowing towards the end, so it is not very suitable for everyday wear. This form is chosen by bright and extravagant girls who are not afraid of increased attention.

Fantasy forms of nails

In addition to classical forms, there are unusual, fantasy forms. They can only be carried out by a qualified master. Let them not always appropriate in everyday life, but the owner of such a manicure will not be left without attention in any company. Unusual shapes include a beveled square, an ej and a bridget.

The skewed square is executed on the basis of the classical square shape. In this case, the free edge of the nail is cut from the little finger to the big finger. Sometimes the bevel is made to the middle finger. This form visually extends the fingers, making, even a broad arm, elegant and feminine. A beveled square can be made for any length of nails, so it is ideal for everyday wear and will be a good alternative to the classic square.

Age – nails geometric shape, reminiscent of the blade blade. This shape has a longitudinal face along the center of the nail plate. Nails with this design look very impressive and catchy, but unnatural. Such a manicure is ideal for parties and is not quite comfortable in everyday life.

The brigitte form is a novelty of the nail industry. It has 3 flat faces, converging at one point to the end of the nail. Only such a true professional can do this design. Nails of this form are inconvenient to wear, but due to their unusual and extravagant they will not leave anyone indifferent.

Picking up the shape of the nails, you need to clearly understand that they will have to perform daily duties. Therefore, the chosen form should meet the daily needs to the maximum and bring comfort and aesthetic satisfaction to the owner.

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