What foods are there to gain weight?

What foods are there to gain weight?
To gain weight without hurting your health is quite difficult, but possible. To achieve the result, you must include in your diet high-calorie foods, which are also very useful.


If you want to gain weight, then the regular use of bananas will help achieve this goal. They are a rich source of vitamins, iron, potassium and other nutrients. The 1 average banana contains 120 calories.

Eat in the morning for breakfast 1-2 ripe bananas.

Or, prepare a milkshake, mixing bananas and milk. Drink it 2 times a day. You can add honey, it will also help increase weight.


Raisins are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The high content of fructose in it will help to gain weight. 50 grams of raisins gives about 150 calories. If you drink milk after eating raisins, you can gain weight even faster.

Soak at night 30 grams in water. Divide into 2 portions and eat throughout the day. Drink 1 a glass of warm milk after each serving. Do this daily for 2-3 months.

fruit juices

To increase body weight, it is useful to drink fresh fruit juices. It is not necessary to drink shop juices, as they contain preservatives that have a negative impact on health. Cook them with fresh fruit. In 1 a glass of this juice contains 50 calories.

In the mornings and evenings, every day, drink an 1 glass of fresh fruit juice for 3 months.

Dairy produce

Dairy products such as milk, butter, melted butter and cheese are a rich source of fats and proteins. Increasing the consumption of dairy products will help quickly gain weight.

Drink regularly at least an 3 glass of milk per day for 2 months.

Increase the consumption of cheese.

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