What does "tights" mean?

What does "tights" mean?
Today, manufacturers give women the opportunity to acquire not only beautiful, but also ergonomic hosiery. One of the popular novelties are attractive, comfortable and durable pantyhose, manufactured using 3 technology. Modern pantyhose manufacturing technologies have become so innovative that they are no longer perceived by women as an everyday element of the wardrobe. Now the ladies come to their choice thoughtfully and consciously, because using pantyhose you can hide some of the shortcomings of the figure, emphasize the beauty and harmony of the legs, to give charm and style to anyone alongside. That's why the producers do not get tired to please fashionistas with creative novelties, a special place among which are pantyhose 3.

The essence of the new technology 3D

Practically all today's hosiery are made of yarn with the content of elastic fibers. Different technologies of making yarn allow producing goods with special consumer properties. For pantyhose, for example, several methods for their production have been developed. The thread can be tied:
– in every second row;
– for a certain Jacquard pattern;
– in each loop across the entire area of ??the canvas.

The latter method is called 3D, because it provides the web stretching in all directions. Products made with this technology have an interesting feature: the main thread (polyamide or cotton) is pulled together by an elastic thread, so when applying the force, only the elastane yarn is stretched. When the deformation stops, the main thread is subjected to minimal impact and quickly returns the original length. That is why tights, made using 3d technology, perfectly fit the foot, have a smooth and smooth appearance: they are pleasant to the touch and are practically not subject to formation of puffs.

From which are produced tights 3D

Especially for the manufacture of pantyhose 3d, Dupont has developed a fundamentally new fiber, which has the trade name LYCRA. Sometimes it is called darlastan, spandex, elastane, linel or elaspan. This is an artificial elastic fiber produced on the basis of polyurethane rubbers. Its main property is form stability and excellent extensibility. Products from Lycra can be stretched to a size that is 5-6 times its original length. After relieving the effort, the original dimensions of the thing return.

That is why Lycra pantyhose has a so-called thermal memory: they shrink less when washing and practically do not deform during stretching, in addition, they are durable and wear-resistant. Unfortunately, lycra fibers can cause allergies, but manufacturers have learned to deal with this disadvantage by using the technology of "twisted thread" for making pantyhose.

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