What does the tattoo have as an anchor

What does the tattoo have as an anchor
Якорь – древнее изображение, которое наносили на свое тело моряки. Символика сохранилась до наших дней и довольно популярна в салонах тату, хотя зачастую несет в себе лишь эстетическую нагрузку.
Татуировка в виде якоря – очень старое изображение, имеющее символику, связанную с морскими просторами. Человек, который накалывал на себе эту картинку, как правило, принадлежал к прослойке общества, посвятивших себя службе на море. Это были моряки с различным военным статусом: простые служащие на корабле, рядовые, офицеры и высшие чины, вплоть до представителей управленческой верхушки.

Anchor – Amulet

Picture in the form of an anchor was considered among the sailor a kind of amulet, which helped them not to go astray. In addition, he said that the sailor – a professional in his business, knows how to not only resist natural forces, but also defeats them. The image of the anchor guarded its master in the most difficult life situations, helped out of trouble.

Such a tattoo is still of special importance for those who are connected with the sea. Its thousand-year история conceals in itself many important meanings: adherence to the sea traditions, a special attitude to life, freedom of spirit and steadfastness to the enemies.

There is an opinion that the first time tattoo In the form of an anchor began to be applied by Western sailors. Thus, they demonstrated faith in the magical power of the anchor, as an amulet. The main symbolic meanings are simple and understandable to everyone – loyalty, loyalty, reliability, caution.

The value of the anchor on the body

There are more specific decoding of anchor symbols. So, drawn on the leg or arm, it plays the role of a talisman, which helps to return home or successful navigation on the sea element.

Tattooing in the form of an anchor is often done by sailors, but often it can be found on the body of a person who has nothing to do with salt water. In this case, the sign denotes a dream of the sea, a love for it. But it also happens that the anchor does not mean anything when it is applied just like that. Such cases are rare.

Many sailors pierce their body image of the anchor when they manage to cross the Atlantic Ocean, marking in such an original way a certain milestone in their lives.

Anchoring with Christianity

Some researchers associate the tradition of drawing an anchor figure on the body with Christianity, saying that the anchor is a symbolic interpretation of the cross. It is from here that the theory of the connection between the anchor and the cross begins. Schematically, the anchor resembles a cross, especially its upper part, and to some extent hints at the secret signs about which only the initiates know. It is noteworthy that in the New Testament the hope of salvation is called the "anchor of the soul".

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