What does the ionization function in the hair dryer?

What does the ionization function in the hair dryer?
Too frequent washing and regular drying with a hair dryer significantly worsen the condition of the hair. To remedy the situation a bit, you can replace the usual hair dryer with ionization.

Why do I need ionization?

Основным преимуществом фена с функцией ионизации является положительный эффект, который на hair have negatively charged ions. By themselves, they do not repair damaged hair, but soften the negative effects of warm and hot air, which can significantly reduce the harm from regular drying and styling.

The ionizer of the hair dryer protects the hair from over-drying and dehydration. When using a hair dryer with this function, the hair loses much less moisture. Ions turn water on their surface into small droplets, which are absorbed into the hair much more quickly. Ionization allows you to keep the level of moisture at a normal or natural level. By the way, the problem of fatty hair can arise because of their regular overdrying. The body begins to excrete sebum in large quantities, trying to remove the effects of degreasing and drying. Therefore, using a hair dryer with ionization can help with this problem.

The ionization function simplifies life

Ionization fights well and with static electricity, restoring the electrical balance of strands. It neutralizes particles with a positive charge, which make the hairstyle fluffy and tousled. That is why a hair dryer with the ionization function makes sense to buy those whose hair is heavily pushed and tangled.

Problem пушистости волос especially strongly manifested in winter, when too dry hair is constantly in contact with the hat and clothes. So in the cold season it makes sense to pay special attention to hairdryers with ionization. This function, by the way, reduces the speed of hair contamination, after regular gentle drying they stop attracting various dirt and dust, which makes it possible to wash them much less often.

Ionization with constant application makes the hair more shiny and smooth. Negatively charged ions smooth scales of the cuticle, as a result, the outer surface of the hair is smoothed, they start to reflect light, acquiring a healthy characteristic shine. It should be borne in mind that such processes take time, so do not expect any positive changes after the first drying.

Buy a hair dryer with an ionizer from a well-known manufacturer with a good reputation. It is best to buy a professional hair dryer of this type. Of course, it will cost more than ordinary household, but this is a long-term investment that will bring you a lot of benefits.

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