What does tattoo mean – a scorpion on the shoulder

What does tattoo mean - a scorpion on the shoulder
The art of tattooing has been known for thousands of years. People decorated the body with various drawings, trying to express their feelings, attitude to life, belonging to various currents or groups. Tattoos are very popular now, each of them has its own meaning.

Scorpio is one of the most popular symbols for tattoos в странах, жители которых сталкиваются с ним в естественных conditions. Народами Ближнего Востока, Африки и Юго-Востока Азии используется изображение скорпиона как для защиты от злых spirits, and from himself.

The power of the scorpion lurks in its duality. Small, imperceptible, but extremely dangerous, it can seem harmless and quiet, but at a decisive moment, defending or attacking, is ready to demonstrate its formidable weapon.

In many cultures, the scorpion is a symbol of death, pain, danger and hatred. In the 80-90-ies of the last century, the image of the scorpion was an army tattoo, it was worn by people who served in hot spots. Raised stinger and open claws symbolized the fight until the last breath.

In the Bible, a comparison is made between a scorpion and poisonous devilish forces. In Buddhism symbolism with a scorpion symbolized reconciliation. In Tibet, his weapon image was used as a protective amulet.

Tattooes depicting a scorpion are often made by people born under this zodiacal constellation. It is believed that this sign gives people born with 24.10 on 22.11 a complex unyielding character, strength of spirit and great sexuality – as dances of scorpions during the wedding period are very erotic.

There is also a positive meaning of a tattoo with a picture of a scorpion. It is based on the use of the poisonous substance of this animal for humans. In ancient Egypt, the goddess Scorpion Selket was honored, which patronized the doctors. In the Maya tribes, the scorpion was associated with surgery because of its ability to put the victim in a state of stupor. In western and northern parts of Africa, scorpion poison was used as a medicine.

Summarizing the foregoing, we can conclude that tattoo with a scorpion symbolizes опасность, ненависть, боль и смерть, дьявольские силы, зависть и злобу, сражения и победу, примирение, эротизм и сексуальность, спасение или зарождение жизни, экзотические пристрастия и двойственность.

The significance of tattoo Judging also by its color and stylistics. Scorpion tattoo is usually performed in gray and black. The animal itself is most often depicted as hiding in the water, in a rosebud, on a stone. Even a simple tattoo with a scorpion fascinates, attracts the eye and scares away a little, creating a sensation of something exotic, dangerous and forbidden.

Используя необычный дизайн и более яркие цвета татуировки, можно создать эффект потусторонности и нереальности, наделяя ее значением, связанным с многочисленными легендами. Качественно выполненное цветное тату с изображением скорпиона выглядит красиво и gracefully.

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