What does mechanical face cleaning mean?

What does mechanical face cleaning mean?
Mechanical facial cleansing is a cosmetic procedure. It is used, as a rule, for the treatment of acne. This is the usual extrusion of acne, but only with strict adherence to hygienic and cosmetic precautions.

How to clean the face

It is believed that with running cases of acne, mechanical cleaning is one of the best solutions to the problem. However, before deciding on this procedure, you need to identify the cause of the appearance of pimples and get rid of it. To do this, it is worth to visit a dermatologist and, if necessary, undergo a course of treatment.

Mechanical cleaning of the face is done as follows. First, the skin is stripped to open all the pores. Then, with the help of hands wrapped in sterile napkins, or a special spoon, the beautician squeezes out the acne. The procedure is very strict. Inflammation, swelling, slight damage and abrasions – the norm after carrying out a mechanical face cleaning. They may not pass for several days. Immediately after cleansing, soothing masks are made. And then use creams and lotions with a cooling effect.

In principle, this procedure can be carried out in Home conditions. The main thing is to ensure the sterility of the face, hands, tools and the place where you will carry out mechanical cleaning. Armed with a bright table lamp, magnifying mirror, medical alcohol or 3-percent hydrogen peroxide. Long nails are better for cutting. Pinch your hair so that it does not interfere. Wash your face with a soft foam or gel. Then pare the pores. In a small saucepan brew a collection of herbs suitable for your skin type. For example, chamomile and horsetail – for oily and problem skin, yarrow, rosemary and wormwood – dry and sensitive. Then tilt your head over the hot pan, cover with a towel and wait 10 minutes.

After that, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and wipe them with alcohol or peroxide. The table behind which you will clean, lay several layers of sterile gauze. Turn on the lamp and, looking in the mirror, gently squeeze out the black points, acne and acne with the fingertip pads, periodically treating the hands with alcohol or peroxide. After cleaning, wipe the face with an alcohol-containing lotion and make a soothing mask, for example, from white clay.


It is not advisable to perform mechanical cleaning for people with diseases associated with a violation of the integrity of the surface layer of the skin, such as psoriasis and eczema, allergic dermatitis, infections. And also those who have convex birthmarks on their faces. People who suffer from bronchial asthma, vegetative-vascular dystonia and cerebral blood flow disorder skin rash should be replaced with special warming creams.

Mechanical cleaning of the face is recommended not to be done more often than once a month. And after the procedure for 3-4 days you can not use makeup, sunbathing in the sun or in a solarium. If the skin began to peel off or crusts appeared on it, do not use a scrub, as this will only exacerbate the situation. And if after cleaning inflammatory reaction and edema do not pass within a week, you need to seek help from a dermatologist.

In general, if you follow all the precautions, mechanical facial cleansing will significantly improve the skin condition and relieve of such problems as acne, black spots and inflammation.

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