What does cosmetology offer for hair growth?

What does cosmetology offer for hair growth?
Do you want your hair to become long for one magical moment? Alas, you have to have patience. But what if the hair does not grow at the usual speed? Is it time to see a doctor? In the event that the hair grows slowly, it is necessary to dig down the causes of what is happening and to establish reasons их замедленного роста. Волосы могут быть хрупкими, сечься по всей длине и ломаться на концах, выпадать в больших количествах из-за нехватки витаминов, микроэлементов и белка, являющихся основным материалом для построения волоса.

There are a lot of ways to increase the speed of hair growth and make them thicker: these are masks of your own preparation, and the use of therapeutic shampoos, and self-massage of the head, etc. But besides domestic there are others: for example, mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods of healing and strengthening the hair, as well as increasing the speed of their growth. This procedure is concluded in the introduction of a biologically active cocktail by the cosmetologist under the scalp of the patient, whose composition is selected specially for you from various medicinal ingredients, including vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

В процессе мезотерапии волосяные луковицы получают необходимое питание, снабжение их кровью тоже улучшается, а значит, волосы растут более быстро. Если никаких трихологических трудностей у пациента нет, хватит 8-10 сеансов лечения.

In addition, ampoules for hair growth can be useful. They accelerate the growth of hair, while at the same time reducing their loss. Such a method can help grow hair pretty quickly. Ampoules contain a concentrated solution of various substances with high biological activity. This composition improves metabolic processes in the hair follicle and provides it with all the necessary substances. To effect the effect of ampoules completely manifested, a three-month visit to the procedures is necessary. If they were selected by a professional, the effect of the procedures will be very noticeable.

With modern advances and technologies, absolutely everyone can realize their desire and grow long hair in a fairly short time. And cosmeticians and doctors can help in this.

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