What does a cat tattoo mean?

What does a cat tattoo mean?
tattoo – a very common hobby among young people, as well as representatives of various subcultures. One of the attracting attention tattoo is the image of a cat. It is necessary to understand what it means.

At present, classical tattoos depicting cats самых различных пород. Кошачьи всех видов, начиная с domestic and ending with their large representatives – lions, tigers and leopards. Usually they symbolize speed, mobility, the ability to get out of the water from any situation, and also to anticipate possible troubles. Often, a tattoo in the form of a large-sized cat demonstrates a person's confidence in their abilities, his desire to show that he is not like everyone else. In addition, animals with оскалом символизируют гнев, ярость и жажду власти, а изображения котят – невиновность и дружелюбие.

Tattoos with graceful cats are a symbol of freedom and they say that their owner considers himself the master of his life. Affectionate pets symbolize love and tenderness. And in some cases, this image speaks of a person's inclination to deceit and cunning.

Black cats have long been considered companions of the dark personalities and supporters of the Black of magic. It is believed that such a tattoo gives its bearer strength and helps in carrying out various magical rites.

Нередко тату в виде кошки показывает двуличность человека, а также любовь к острым ощущениям, его дикость или сильную страсть к чему-либо. Голова кота представляет собой символ осторожности и удачи. Нанесенное в области плеча изображение кошки может говорить о том, что у человека есть близкий друг, с которым он считает себя неразрывным целым. Бывает и так, что tattoo in the form of a cat, people who managed to avoid death several times.

An image of a panther shows that you are a very dangerous person, and a lion (in some cases) is a criminal authority. The cat's foot can be a symbol of belonging to sexual minorities. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that a person could inflict any of the listed tattoos without knowing their meaning.

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