What do our eyes say?

What do our eyes say?
By the color, shape and cut of the eyes you can learn about a person a lot of information. And it will not only be his emotional state, but also health, predilections, career and achievements in various spheres of life.

To determine the nature of a person by the color of the eyes, you need to look at them in bright light. At such a moment, the pupils are as narrow as possible, which makes it possible to more accurately determine the color of the iris.

Holders of brown eyes – as a rule, people are too confident in themselves, able to make their way "through the thorns to the races" at any cost. In romantic relationships, these individuals are supersensitive. Most brown-eyed men and women are monogamous, but they can search for the only love for many years.

People with green eyes – people who are amorous, experiencing every fleeting fascination like love to the grave. But in terms of career green-eyed more serious. Of these, very responsible and just leaders are obtained, whom the entire collective loves.

Those who have gray eyes have peace and discretion in everything. The family for them comes to the fore. Most often, such people are difficult to adapt to every kind of change. Virtually all representatives of this eye color have an analytical mind.

Owners of blue eyes, although they are romantic people, will never believe in such things as love at first sight. Better than other representatives, they understand the psychology of relations between men and women. In a professional sense, they do not chase after glory and awards, but simply perform their work qualitatively. In the service sector blue-eyed workers have no equal.

People with a rare yellow eye color are well developed intuition, many of them possess extrasensory abilities.

In the medical sense, the color of the iris is not so important. It is more interested in the shades of protein. With diseases of the liver, gall bladder, hepatitis sclera acquire a yellow tint. With anemia the shade of proteins becomes bluish. If a person suffers from increased pressure, then this is evidenced by a large number of red veins and dilated vessels.

The incision of the eye can tell about the spiritual organization of a person. Large almond-shaped eyes are inherent in people with an open and broad soul. Small and closely planted characterize the host as a man of suspicious and cautious. The form at which are observed deeply planted eyes, встречается у неконфликтных личностей, мягких и нередко бесхарактерных.

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