What do dimples on the cheeks mean?

What do dimples on the cheeks mean?
The shape of the dimples on the cheeks can be very diverse: in the form of small dots, strips, curls, sometimes you can see even pits in the form of butterfly wings. In addition, the cavities can be located on both cheeks, and on one. If the person is in a relaxed state, then such "marks", as a rule, are not visible. However, it is worth a man to smile, and they become pronounced. The cause of dimples on the cheeks and their significance are trying to explain to many experts. FROM dimples on cheeks a lot of popular beliefs and signs are connected. The appearance of them is often associated with the legend of Cupid's kiss. The popular belief says that if the God of Love kisses at the birth of the child, then on his cheeks he will necessarily have one or two marks.

In some peoples dimples on the cheeks are considered a sign of special attractiveness. And often this nuance draws attention to matchmaking.

Besides the beautiful history, dimpled there is a lot of people's signs. The main point of all statements is that a person with such marks must necessarily be happy and incredibly lucky. If the owner of pits – guy, то он обязательно должен обладать сильным характером, быть целеустремленным и уверенным в себе.

Dimples on the cheeks in psychology and physiognomy

Specialists in psychology and physiognomy attribute to the owners dimples on the cheeks such qualities as cheerfulness, cheerful nature, independence and a propensity for an active lifestyle. Women with dimples are distinguished by romanticism, amorousness, a cheerful character. And psychologists say that such people are very popular among representatives of the opposite sex.

Physiognomists note not only the positive qualities of dimple holders on the cheeks, but also point out the main drawbacks – selfishness and narcissism.

To determine the nature of the owner of dimples on the cheeks, attention should be paid to their location. If the cavity on the left cheek is more pronounced, then such a person differs constancy, the ability to adapt quickly to new conditions, likes to stand out in any company. The brighter cavity on the right cheek, on the contrary, symbolizes impermanence, mobility and eccentricity. The main feature of all owners of this distinctive sign is love and friendliness.

Scientific explanation

С научной точки зрения появление ямочек на щеках объясняется особым строением мышц лица. Дело в том, что у обладателей небольших впадин в уголках рта лицевая мышца значительно укорочена. Из-за такой особенности во время появления улыбки кожа стягивается, жировая прослойка слегка поднимается, а на месте короткой лицевой мышцы образуется знакомая всем «ямочка».

It is noteworthy that dimples on the cheeks are inherited. This is primarily due to the fact that the shortened facial muscles are a genetically determined feature. With age, dimples may appear or, conversely, disappear. This is also associated with the features of the structure of the facial muscles and fatty layer.

It is noteworthy that this "defect" is so popular in society that many men and women turn to plastic surgeons for help so that a "Cupid sign" appears on their face. This operation does not last long and does not differ in complexity. Specialists make small incisions in the corners of the mouth, remove a small amount of fat deposits and tighten the skin with a surgical thread. As a result, the patient receives the coveted dimples on the cheeks. The shape of the depressions can also be adjusted – making them barely noticeable, in the form of butterfly wings or curls.

It is also worth noting that pits can appear not only on the cheeks, but also on the chin, in the corners of the nose or eyes. The reasons for their appearance are similar.

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