What determines the choice of an individual cryotherapy technique

What determines the choice of an individual cryotherapy technique
Cryotherapy is effective not only in the fight against senile wrinkles. Liquid nitrogen copes equally well with all kinds of acne, unwanted excrescences (warts, papillomas) and skin defects caused by pathogenic microorganisms. However, the method of exposure to liquid nitrogen and the duration of the course will be different.

Liquid nitrogen in cosmetology has proved itself from the best side due to its high therapeutic activity. Depending on the tasks assigned to the specialist, the intensity of exposure to the skin of the face is individually selected. In one case, it is necessary to cause destruction and destruction of tissue, and in the other only to achieve a flow of blood to the place of application.

Cryomassage against acne

Cryomassage is in demand in the treatment of any form of acne in combination with other agents. Phlegmonous, globose, keloid acne, acne (pustular acne) – this is the case when the technique of extinguishing with liquid nitrogen is used. This is done in order to blot out the inflammatory congestions to the required depth.

For the stamping procedure, a cotton swab of a larger size resembling a reed is used. It is fixed on the end of a wooden stick and after wetting with liquid nitrogen, the cosmetologist agilely moves the applicator over the affected surface with a light pressure carried out by the second hand. On the face appears whitening, which soon disappears, and the patient at the same time feels both cold and burning.

With interruptions in a few minutes, a specialist spends one 10-minute session of the 2-3 stamping procedure, after which, after 5 hours, the first signs of persistent hyperemia appear. It keeps unchanged up to 36 hours, after which the skin darkens and begins to gradually flake off. After a week's break, the course of treatment continues, but the procedures no longer require such intensive exposure.

Treatment of acne with liquid nitrogen

Acne does not compare with ordinary acne. This is a serious disease associated with a violation of the sebaceous glands or even hormonal disorders in the body as a whole. Acne accompanied by cysts, pustules. And there is an inflammatory process against the background of a high degree of keratinization of the skin. Therefore, one can not rely on liquid nitrogen only. However, in combination with drug treatment, cryomassage effectively resolves inflammatory infiltration, after which the sebaceous glands are deactivated, and the eels are reduced and dried.

Cryomassage with liquid nitrogen in rosacea

Since the appearance of rosacea (rosacea) is also an inflammation of the vessels in the trigeminal nerve region, cryomassage is carried out more gently by the method – light movements without pressure on the applicator. Only individual nodal connections undergo additional freezing in 10 seconds. Since rosacea by external manifestations differs little from demodicosis, when the inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands is caused by the cutaneous mite, the effectiveness of treatment directly depends on the correct diagnosis.

Cryomassage with demodicosis

When demodicosis simultaneously with cryomassage, other antiparasitic procedures are invariably performed. The very same procedure for the treatment of demodicosis cryomassage is reduced to the reception of stamping, when each individual affected area is treated with liquid nitrogen 5 sec. The disease most often affects such areas of the face as the corners of the lips or skin above the upper lip, hollows under the wings of the nose, tender eyelid skin, so the use of a wooden applicator with a cotton swab is not always convenient. It is preferable that the dermatologist use a cryo-massage apparatus, where the facial skin is treated with a nitrogen-air stream.

Removal of warts, keratosis and papillomas with liquid nitrogen

Removal of warts, papillomas, kerat is made by the method of point "cauterization" of the convex formation with the contact of the surrounding healthy skin at 1,5 mm. A small-sized applicator is used that exactly matches the diameter of the wart to be removed. As the effect of liquid nitrogen, the wart becomes white and solid. The end of the exposition is indicated by a white crown, which appeared along the circumference of the wart. Hyperemia occurs approximately an hour later, but the complete disappearance of the defect occurs only after 2 weeks.

Treatment of hypertrophic scars with liquid nitrogen

Hypertrophic scars are also removed by deep freezing until the appearance of a bubble reaction. After 2 weeks the procedure is repeated even before 4 times. As a rule, after three procedures, the scar is densified to normal skin condition. After cryomassage, experts recommend not stopping and irradiating the Buki system or applying electrophoresis to prevent the growth of scars. With scarring left from the removal of pigmentation or acne, you can limit the application of the method of stamping.

The duration of the course and the expected effect

After cryomassage the activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the skin structure is leveled. Even if the pigmentation spots and freckles do not disappear at all, they noticeably brighten. From the removed outgrowths there is no trace. A persistent positive result can be obtained only with a full course of cryotherapy, which consists of 10-15 procedures for 5 minutes each. Depending on the complexity of the skin problem, it can vary scheme treatment. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is an effective method, but this does not mean that one course will be enough to get rid of cosmetic problems forever.

Who closely follows his appearance, perfectly understands that even with a thorough daily face care, 1 once a year, you need to carry out his deep cleaning. The same rule applies to the cryomassage procedure. If you consider that a week is 2-3 procedures, the full course of cryomassage will take about a month. Specialists recommend that such courses be held twice a year in order to rejuvenate themselves, but with compulsive painful acne it will be necessary to treat more often.

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