What colors to face a blonde with green eyes

What colors to face a blonde with green eyes
When designing a wardrobe, not only the features of a woman's appearance are taken into account, but also the time of the year, the specific nature of the woman's environment, her social status and much more. These factors can affect the cut, the fabric and the color of the clothes being selected.

On what colors should I stop?

Blondes with green eyes can easily change and decorate their image with the right colors in their wardrobe. Take a few tips from experienced stylists, but do not forget to experiment.

Blondes with green eyes and a pale lip color should buy for their wardrobe things of tender and fresh shades. Suitable light blue, green, gently violet colors, various shades of gray. It will also look good with more saturated colors: red, orange, bronze.

Correction image, color assistants

If the selected color seems too saturated, you can "beat off" it in some cool tone. Any shade of gray color can be especially suitable. You can wear a gray scarf or make any other trim.

Blondes with green eyes are also suitable scarves and accessories in pink. In addition, almost all combinations of shades of red and yellow or orange and blue colors.

What colors should I reject?

Less successful colors as the main for blondes with pale skin are white, gray, yellow, brown, yellowish green, red. In short, all the colors that can unduly emphasize the pallor of the face. This does not mean that these colors are taboo. They can be used, but only as auxiliary, finishing. Be careful, bright green in your wardrobe is best avoided, choose more muted, even dull shades of this color.

Ideal Colors

Especially good in combination with green eyes, blond hair and bright blush will look a dark blue color. It is also good that it will be successfully combined with orange, yellow, red, white and black flowers. Also, the owners of this appearance will go purple, cold green and light gray.

Make-up for blondes with green eyes

If you look at the rules of make-up for blondes with green eyes, then they will be most suitable for light and warm shades.

Tone creams should be used as light as possible. Shadows and pencils of dark colors in daytime make-up are best avoided.

Green shadows can be used, but try to avoid the coincidence of the shade of shadows with the color of your iris, this can affect the expressiveness of your eyes. Also, you should avoid the shades of blue in make-up for the same reason. But very well with green eyes, brown, golden hues, shades of plum and ocher are combined.

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