What color for hair is better

What color for hair is better
Choosing the right one paint for the hair can become a fairly lengthy procedure. In this case, it is unlikely that your hair will withstand a large number of experiments. That is why, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular colors, you should immediately identify a suitable solution.


It hardly makes sense to represent products from the company Wella. This brand has already taken its place in the cosmetics market for more than 125 years and has already earned trust among stylists and beautiful ladies. Paints Wella differ resistance, creamy texture and a variety of shades. Most often this paint is purchased for dyeing hair in domestic conditions. Продукция этой марки относится к средней ценовой категории.

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Paints from L'oreal are suitable for performing specific tasks, for example, painting the gray hair, giving the hair extra shine and expressiveness, etc. The color scale of such paints is suitable for home use, and pricing policy is aimed at a wide range of consumers.


The hair dye of the French manufacturer Kydra is characterized by a minimum content of ammonia and other aggressive substances. Such colors are distinguished by natural blonding and toning properties, they have various useful components that care for hair and protect them.


Hair color CHI refers to a truly high-quality and exclusive cosmetics. It gives hair strength, energy and healthy shine. It is the makeup of this firm that is chosen by experienced stylists and best beauty salons, as its main components – ceramic alloy CHI 44, as well as silk cream, gently lifting the scales of hair and gently penetrating into their structure, without damaging it. In addition, experts argue that this paint allows you to achieve the best shine and beauty of hair.

The final choice is yours. Everything depends on personal preferences, as well as financial opportunities. Remember that only high-quality cosmetics can prolong your hair life and permanently give them strength and brilliant brilliance.

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